Which Trolls Character Are You?

Published on   Oct 22, 2020

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The trolls have arrived! And no, we don’t mean those irritating attention seekers on your social media! Dreamworks’ Trolls’ World Tour has burst onto the full screen. This delightful, feel-good fun has captured hearts and imaginations everywhere, bringing back 90s nostalgia and entertaining new generations too. Poppy, Biggie, Branch, DJ Suki, Guy Diamond, and Satin & Chenille have been having  hair-raising  adventures on the silver screen, so there's only one more thing to do. Let’s find out which of the trolls you’re most like!

1. How do you like to relax?

A. Stalking Celebs on Instagram

B. Dancing your heart out

C. Drawing, making music, creating something

D. Playing with your pet

E. Gaming. Alone

F. With friends


2. How would your best friend describe you?

A. Chic

B. Centre of the action

C. Creative

D. Caring

E. Stubborn, in a good way

F. Optimistic


3. What makes you feel happy?

A. A rocking new outfit

B. Sweating on the dance floor

C. Music and art

D. Doing things to help

E. Solving problems 

F. The people you love

4. What are you never seen without? 

A. That perfect fashion statement 

B. Party shoes or a microphone 

C. Headphones or a pencil 

D. Your 4 legged friend 

E. Resting witch face or a frown 

F. Flowers in your hair and a smile

5. Which color do you love?

A. Whatever’s trendy this season!

B. Glitter!

C. Orange

D. Blue

E. The darker the better

F. Pink




1. Mostly A’s

aVia Dreamworks

You’re Satin & Chenille. Fashion, fashion, fashion! If it’s hot or trendy, you know about it! The only thing more important to you than catwalk trends is loving your family and friends. You stalk celebs on Twitter, have a whole lookbook on Pinterest, and love the latest hot news from the glitterati. You know how to look stylish in anything, and finding a friend who’s into the same things is pure bliss. You might look a little superficial on the surface, but underneath that fashionable exterior and statement necklace lies a great heart too. Loving purple seals the deal.

2. Mostly B’s

2 via DreamworksVia Dreamworks

You’re a rocking and rolling party hound, Guy Diamond and you aren’t afraid to show it! You totally get Satin & Chenille, but it’s not fashion you love- it's shining your light and staying fit so you can shine on the dancefloor! You’ve got self-confidence for days, and just being around your ready smile is infectious. You’ve even asked yourself if it’s possible to wear too much glitter (and decided the answer is no).

3. Mostly C’s


Via Dreamworks

If your friends had to sum you up in one word, DJ Suki, it’s ‘creative’. Maybe music is your thing, and you can often be found, headphones on, chilling out with your beats (or writing your own). Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever floats your boat, you thrive on expressing yourself through the arts and your imagination. You’re pretty laid back, and take inspiration from everything rather than getting wound up. Why doesn’t everyone just relax and listen to the beat, right?

4. Mostly D’s

dVia Dreamworks

Are you sensitive in just the right way, Biggie? You’re in tune with your feelings and love helping others. You love animals dearly- all animals, whether they’re cute or not. You probably own a pet (or three), and would rather spend a Friday evening chilling with them than partying. And if you must go out, they come with. Whether it’s a cuddly kitty or a loving doggo, they make you a better person. Not that you needed much work- your inner kindness shines through.

5. Mostly E’s

eVia Dreamworks

Hey there Branch! You’re a bit of a loner like Biggie, but people think you’re a grinch at first. They’re underestimating you loads, however, and people who can see through this know you have a good heart underneath it all. You deeply love your family and friends; you just connect with them a little differently. You’re determined, and very hard working. Problem-solving is your bread-and-butter, and you have the right brain for any challenge. You probably love tech, especially a night spent tucked up with your favorite video game (alone), and you may wear a lot of black too. You’re a rough diamond, and the world will come to love you for who you are. Just try and turn that frown upside down sometimes, m’kay?

6. Mostly F’s

fVia Dreamworks

People love you for your infectious positivity and rocking vibe, Poppy. That optimism just can’t be beaten. Whether it’s making a friend feel good or tackling your favorite hobby, nothing gets your spirits down. You love being around your friends, and are the first person they turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on or a hug. You’re not ashamed to admit you like a few girly things, especially bright tones that match your positive attitude, like pink. You think the world would be a better place if everyone stopped to enjoy the flowers, and you probably want to throw a sleepover just as an excuse to see your friends again.

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