10 Ways To Balance Being A Full-Time Mom And Full-Time Working Woman

By  Laura Zaks
Published on   Mar 19, 2020

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It’s not easy being a full-time mom and a full-time working woman.


There are dishes in the sink just waiting to be washed, kids playing outside who suddenly need a band-aid, and a deadline waiting to be met by your team.


Is there even a way to balance it all?

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The following is a list of ways that we recommend for you to find that balance work-family balance because it does exist!


1. Never feel ashamed for working

Lots of moms, especially when they have young children, feel the guilt of leaving family behind when going to work or having a caregiver in the house see your child’s first steps instead of you. But, guess what? You are setting an example of female empowerment and strength when you wake up and go to work. Your child will grow up with a mom who is ambitious and works hard— a valuable and essential quality to give on to children.


2. Finding the right caregiver or Daycare


Not everyone sees the importance of finding the right caregiver, but that can make or break your work-life balance. Make sure to identify key needs you have and interview nannies or sitters or daycare centers on whether they can meet those needs. Sometimes, moms need a caregiver who can live on-site. Some moms might need someone who goes home when she comes home. Some moms need a daycare that will pay attention to rashes on your child or on its moods— take the time to find the right care for your child and it will reward you in the long run!


3. Plan Mornings at Night


It might sound stressful, but actually planning out the next morning the night before helps start your day on a smooth, stress-free note. Pack your child’s lunch the day before, pick out their outfit the day before and sign all the papers you need to for them before bed. Have diaper bags and backpacks all hanging up by the door before you leave in the mornings and the hassle won’t be too crazy!


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4. Create a Weekly Schedule and Family Calendar


You can never be too organized. The best way to get a great balance going is having everything written out in front of you. Write down ahead of time the soccer practices days and times, the days you’ll go grocery shopping, which spouse will take the kids on which playdates, etc. Experts say that Sundays a great day for setting aside 15 minutes to go over the calendar and schedule for the week.


5. Leave Recordings for the Sitter to Use


Given today’s technology, it’s so easy to stay in touch with your kids throughout the day without taking actual time out of your workday. Send recordings or videos of you talking, singing, or reading a book for your child to the sitter beforehand; she can play these during the day for your child when they miss you.


6. Set Aside “You” Time


You’re a mom and an employee, a daughter and maybe even a wife or girlfriend. But you are also you. Be sure to find even if it is only 15 minutes every night to just take time for yourself to make tea, read a magazine, listen to music, take a bath, grab a glass of wine— anything that relaxes your nerves. Taking care of yourself helps you take care of everything else.

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7. Try to Put the Phone Away


Sometimes, people at work tend to overwork and drag you into their bubble. It’s OK to not always have your phone around you on the weekends or weeknights. Be sure to set that device aside when at your kids’ recitals, soccer games, dinners— that way, you’ll feel present and connected as a mom instead of feeling like you’re in between two worlds all the time. When at work, you’re at work and when you’re at home, be at home!


8. Have Special Family Night

Setting aside a night when you all hang out— whether it be pasta night, bowling, movie night, ice skating, etc— can build a bond with your family and make you feel like you are there when it counts. You can always have this time together and no one can take that away.


9. Talk to Your Boss


Being open with your boss about your new busy stage in life is important. He or she may not realize the new stresses you are under if you are changing daycares, your child is sick, or you just left your kid at a daycare for the first time. Tell your boss that you may not respond as fast to emails or that you cannot make a meeting if you know you just can’t and offer ways to make up for that.


10. Find Someone to Lean On


In stressful stages of life, like balancing being a mom and being a great employee, it’s important to lean on someone who cares. Not just the sitter, but someone who can help you do the laundry, someone who can listen to you when you’re stressed. It can be a husband, a friend, your parents— anyone! Be sure to vocalize your needs and ask for help when you know it’s time to ask.

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