Recent Adoption In The Animal Kingdom: Monkey Cares For Lost Kitten

Published on   Feb 27, 2020

封面via Google

Recent footage has surfaced of a monkey in Ubud, Bali tenderly and protectively holding an orange kitten

The video taken by Anne Young, a tourist visiting Ubud’s Monkey Forest Park, melts the hearts of all who watch, as the kitten curls up in the wild long-tailed macaque’s lap. 

1The Guardian 

The monkey holds tightly onto the kitten, clearly protective and motherly, as if the kitten is now an adopted child. 

The little feline is groomed and looked after, with the other monkeys accepting the kitten into their community. 

2The Guardian 

The way the monkey presses the little animal into its chest is a clear sign of affection and makes for a wonderful reminder that there is acceptance and kindness in the world out there.

It’s not unlike the wombats in the Australian fires that help and take in the other animals hurt and displaced from the fires. 

Interestingly enough, the monkey even felt protective of the kitten when the camera lens was facing the  two, shielding the animal with its body. 

3The Guardian 

No one knows why and how the kitten ended up in the arms of the monkey, but clearly it’s in good, caring hands. 

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