People Claim To See These 10 Scariest Monster In Reality!

Published on   Jul 14, 2022

You must have read lots of monster stories and watched a good amount of monster films. We occasionally wonder what would happen if a monster like that appeared in front of us in real life after watching such films and reading such books that give us the chills. We would undoubtedly be so terrified by it that we might pass out right there and then. However, some people assert to have genuinely seen monsters. Whether they exist or not, it's fascinating to hear about the top 10 most terrifying monsters that people claim to have actually seen.


Dover Demon

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Three adolescents claimed to have seen the Dover Demon in Massachusetts on April 21 and 22 of 1977. The teenagers claimed that these monsters had curling fingers and enormous bright eyes. The three teens who witnessed this monster each sketched it, and they all used the same style of drawing. However, the police thought that this was only a practical joke that some other adolescents played on the witnesses.


Converse Werewolf

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The myth of North America includes the converse werewolf. According to this tradition, a rancher had dispatched his adolescent son to go hunting for a deer in the woods. The father went to the forest with a rescue crew after the son failed to return. When the father heard his teenage son screaming in the forest and hurried in that area, he discovered that his kid was being devoured by a large, wolf-like creature that simply fled after being shot with a rifle.


Santu Sakai

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This is a Malaysian legend about a creature that kept on attacking villages and ate the innocent people living there. Santu Sakais are beloved to be half human and half animal. Not too many people believed in the existence of Santu Sakai, however, a man named Henri Van Heerden claims to have seen two of these monsters while hunting and then he ran off in his car. Since these monsters are said to eat human they are one of the scariest to exists, if at all they do.





According to legend, this monster resides in Lake Champlain. Scientists think this is a ruse to draw more tourists to the area because there is no physical evidence to support the presence of the Champ. However, up until this point, only about 300 persons have asserted having met this terrifying beast. Samuel de Champlain was the first person to ever witness this creature when he did so in 1609.


Skunk Ape

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This ape-like creature is a part of the legends of many states in the US, including Florida, North Carolina, and Arkansas. The monsters got their name from the smell that people say came from it. It was in the 1960s and 1970s that some people saw this ape. However, scientists do not believe in its existence, and think what people saw back then was just a bear.



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From 1890 until 2007, people reported seeing a large bird-like monster known as the Thunderbird. These creatures, which resemble pterodactyls from the prehistoric era, are said to be a component of North American legend. Many people from Texas, Missouri, Alaska, and Illinois are said to have seen these enormous birds in the 20th and 21st centuries.



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Yeti is popularly known as Abominable Snowman and is said to be residing in the Himalayan Mountains. It is a part of the mythology of the indigenous population of Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. The British, in 1921, held an expedition in Mount Everest and it is then that they saw the footprints of some creature that they thought must be a big wolf, but once they looked at them more carefully it looked like footprints of some huge human. The members of this expedition named the creature Abominable Snowman.



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This strange creature is a part of the North American folklore and is first believed to have been seen in Puerto Rico. Chupacabra supposedly attacks livestock, particularly goats, and suck their blood. This creature is believed to look like a small bear but has many spikes on their back.


Loch Ness Monster

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The creature known as "Nessie" has reportedly been living in Loch Ness, a lake in Scotland, since 1933. There are several accounts from various witnesses who say they saw this monster, but there are little images or other sorts of recorded information. According to popular belief, the monster is a large dinosaur that is still living today. Additionally, the BBC reported that 2017 was a "record year" for "Loch Ness monster" sightings.



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Bigfoot is a part of the legend from North American folklore. It is said to be living in forests and is an ape-like creature. This monster, as described by the people who saw it, is huge and hairy, but scientists do not believe in its existence. They say these are just rumors or a hoax because no valid evidence of its existence has ever been gained. According to the scientists, what people have seen most likely were bears.


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It is true that the existence of these scariest monsters cannot be guaranteed. However, there are many people who claim to have seen them, and when they did, it surely must have scared the wits out of them. Of course, this would have been your condition too had you encountered any such monsters, wouldn’t it?

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