I Didn't Knew These 8 Celebrities Have Came Out As Non-binary. Did You?

Published on   Jun 19, 2022

In recent years, we've seen an increasing number of non-binary celebrities open up about their gender identity.

Non-binary, according to Dictionary.com, is described as "an umbrella word for any gender identification that does not fall neatly into the male-female gender dichotomy. People who identify as non-binary gender (also known as genderqueer) may, for example, identify as having no gender, lie anywhere on a gender spectrum between male and female, or identify as completely outside of binary gender identities "

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While many non-binary people use they/them pronouns, others use the pronouns corresponding with the sex to which they were born. A lot of celebrities have opened up and spoken publicly about their gender identity, and we're slowly starting to see some mainstream representation. Here are some non-binary celebrities who have been opening up about their gender identity.

Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato declared in May 2021 that she is non-binary and will use they/them pronouns. Demi said in an Instagram video: "I've been doing some healing and self-reflection work for the past year and a half, and as a result of that work, I've discovered that I identify as non-binary. 

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As a result, I'll be using they/them as my pronouns going forward. This, I believe, best expresses the flexibility I experience in my gender expression and allows me to feel most real and true to the person I know and continue to explore."

Sam Smith

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During an interview for Jameela Jamil's "I Weigh" platform in 2019, Sam Smith came out as non-binary. They/them pronouns are used by the performer, who previously told The Sunday Times that they consider themselves to be in the midst of the gender continuum.

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Sam said: "I don’t know what the title would be, but I feel just as much a woman as I am man."

Trisha Paytas

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YouTuber Trisha Paytas claimed they were non-binary in a YouTube video in April 2021. Trisha expressed herself as follows: "I have days when I truly identify as he/him, as a guy, and it helps me feel protected when I'm male [...] People don't get it because my shell doesn't always match that of a guy, and I'm more of a cis female, a frilly lady, a drag queen, or whatever. My lady side's drag, cosplay, or whatever you want to call it is really just me playing dress up, and I enjoy it."

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Trisha, who uses she/her/them/them pronouns, previously stated that they would be using they/them pronouns to raise their future children.

Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus has previously indicated that she identifies as gender fluid since she does not believe her gender identification fits neatly into a box. The singer remarked in a 2015 interview with TIME: "I'm just on par with you. I'm just in the middle. It has nothing to do with any of my physical features, how I dress, or how I appear. It's exactly how I'm feeling."

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Miley hasn't stated her pronouns in public and instead uses she/her.

Gigi Goode

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Gigi Goode, the runner-up on season 12 of RuPaul's Drag Race, came out as trans and non-binary in 2021. "Around eight months ago in January, right at the beginning of the year, I chose to begin the process of hormone replacement therapy," Gigi stated in a video on Instagram. Gigi said she used her time in lockdown to think about her gender identity, saying that she is "going further towards the non-binary side of" being genderfluid.


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"I'm just going to look a little more feminine or born a girl," she continued. I identify as a transgender, non-binary individual, although I prefer to use she/her pronouns."

Jonathan Van Ness

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Jonathan Van Ness announced his non-binary identity in 2019. The Queer Eye star uses he/him pronouns, but he doesn't mind being referred to as they/them or she/her either.

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Jonathan stated in an interview with Out Magazine that the older he gets, the more he identifies with being non-binary. "I don't identify as a woman or a man. For example, some days I feel like a man, while others I feel like a lady." He said, " "I believe that gender is frequently exploited to divide and separate people. It's this societal construct in which I don't feel as comfortable as I once did."

Indya Moore

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Indya Moore is a transgender woman who is non-binary. The Pose star claimed in a now-deleted tweet: "I'm non binary, feminine, and Agender is a good fit for me. They/them/theirs are my pronouns. I am constantly correcting people. They ignore me at times, which I tolerate to avoid conflict or aggravation, but it's terrible to feel like I'm 'too much' in a culture that continuously takes from trans people."

Janelle Monáe

In January 2020, Janelle Monáe came out as non-binary on Twitter. She has not said which pronouns she prefers, but she has previously used she/her. "Are you a male or girl?' I'm an experience," the singer and actress captioned a gif of a non-binary character from Cartoon Network's Steven Universe. "#IAmNonbinary" was also introduced as a hashtag.

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Janelle discussed her gender identification in greater depth on Red Table Talk in April 2022, and her agent confirmed to Rolling Stone that she would continue to use she/her pronouns. She went on to say: "I don't perceive myself primarily as a woman. I'm aware of every ounce of my power. I believe that God is much larger than 'he' or'she,' and that if I am from God, I am everything. However, I will always, always support women. I will always be a supporter of Black women. But, beyond the binary, I see everything that I am." 

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