8 Ordinary Features From Everyday Items That Have A Hidden Meaning

Published on   Nov 05, 2020

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With manufactures continuously coming up with new ideas to stand out from the competition, some of the features they add to their products are not always for show. Some of these products have become such a crucial part of our lives that we seldom notice that the jaw-dropping features have a hidden purpose. For the most part, you've most probably been using a fantastic feature the wrong way or have been struggling to get the most out of it.

For example, that blue and red part of an eraser isn't for the pen and pencil. The red, softer part rubs off the pencil markings from the paper while the blue part is used to clean out the extremely thin layers from the paper. 

It's usually exciting when you finally know how to use unique ordinary features found in everyday things. This article will look at eight familiar features from everyday items that have a hidden meaning. 


1. That Small Button on Your Pair of Jeans

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Ever wondered why that pair of jeans you love so much never gets worn out? Well, designers realized that jeans are easily susceptible to wear and tear. With that in mind, they had to develop a more elaborate way to combat friction. If you look closely, those tiny buttons are strategically placed in areas that are most likely to tear.


2. Groves at The Bottom of Cups

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Almost every cup or mug has a groove at the base. These grooves are not a unique way manufacturers use to make their mugs stand out, but they do have a purpose. When you place your cups in a dishwasher, there is an all likelihood that water will stagnate at the bottom of the cup since the mug is upside down. The grooves are there to drain all the excess water during cleaning and aid in aerating your cups' underside whenever you take hot beverages.


3. The Underwear Pocket

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If you've ever placed anything in the little pocket found in women's underpants, then you need to stop. That's not an actual pocket, but a softer fabric expressly set for comfort. Since the private area is usually sensitive, manufacturers decided to add that little pouch to make underpants more hygienic and more comfortable. The rest of the underpants are traditionally made from polyester or unhygienic material that are not recommended for the delicate area underpants protect.


4. Silica Gel

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We all grew up thinking that the little silica gel packets found in new shoes are air fresheners. Well, guess what, they're not. The small packets of silica gel are meant to absorb moisture in shoes or clothes during transportation or storage.


5. The Tic Tac Lid 

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Remember that one time you wanted just one Tic Tac and ended up pouring a handful of them? Or that other time you wanted a couple of them and ended up with one? If that's the story of your life, then there is a remedy; the Tic Tac Lid. All you need to do is turn the box on its head and use your free hand to open the lid. The lid is some sort of dispenser that makes sure only one Tic Tac comes out at a time.


6. The Hole In The Pen Cap

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If you've ever found yourself nibbling away at a pen cap during a lecture or a meeting, then manufacturers thought about you when adding a hole in the pen cap. That little hole was not added as a makeshift whistle; it's there because of the high number of people who were unknowingly swallowing pen caps. In case you do swallow the pen cap, the hole is meant to prevent you from choking before help arrives.


7. Bottle Top Plastic Ring

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Most soda or beer bottle tops have a plastic ring on the inside. The ring is hardly noticeable and is always fastened tight on the bottle top. The ring's primary purpose is to ensure that no gas escapes from the drink even when it's been tossed and turned in your backpack all day.


8. The Dust Jacket 

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The final item on our list is for all the book-worms out there. Have you ever found yourself without a bookmaker and ended up folding the tips of a page to help you remember where you last read? Well, a book's dust jacket has other roles other than protecting your book from dust. You can use your dust jacket as a bookmaker whenever you lack one. 


You may have encountered some of these things or have been using them for the wrong purpose. After reading this article, we're quite sure you'll be looking at them with a set of different eyes now.  

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