5 Mind-blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Santa Claus!

By  Penny
Published on   Dec 07, 2019

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In western culture, Santa Claus is one of the most classic figures. Definitely, a character that could never be ignored when you approach modern western. It is obvious that you might surely know something about him, such as Kris Kringle, or Jolly Old Saint Nick. And it won’t be surprising if you can also tell any of the dozens of his different names called around the globe. But here following are a few incredible facts about him you've never heard.


1. He was single for many years.


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As a typical part of western culture, Santa has been a symbol deep in people’s mind for centuries since at least the late 1700s. However, not until the mid-19th century did people consider wondering if Santa would ever end his bachelor ways and settle down with a girl. It was first shown in 1849 that Santa’s lover appears in a short story—"A Christmas Legend", which was written by James Rees, a Philadelphia missionary. Since then, Mrs. Claus has shown up regularly when it comes to Christmas tales. However, she might want to have a higher glory than Santa. The fact is until 1889, that there was a poem called "Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride," The lyrics, "Why should you have all the glory of the joyous Christmas story?"-- she might have a request to get more highlighted.


2. You can certainly address to Santa, even hear from his receive. -- a real post office.


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If you want to send to Santa to express thanks for his gifts, you will receive his reply. It has been years since there was a certain post office responsible for receiving and responding those who send to Santa. In 1914, all letters addressed to Santa Claus would send to the same place. But, that place is not the North Pole, which we all suppose Santa’s home. The post office -- want many "elf" volunteers to help handwrite the replies.


3. Two towns are said to be the “real” Santa Claus’s home.


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It is commonly-recognized that the town of North Pole, Alaska, is the home of Santa. As Paul Brown, the general manager of the Santa Claus House, said — that if you want to meet Santa, please come to his house. However, Rovaniemi, another town, which is located in the northernmost province of Finland, firmly insists that it is the real Official Hometown of Santa Claus. Based on the officer for tourism company, Santa Claus Office is the only place to meet Santa, and it lies in the remote furthest north. Can’t we think about a place which is located between these two towns?


4. He may have a flight license, and a (Canadian) passport.


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Santa could drive his deer cart to send gifts, and he certainly got a flight license to fly legally. It officially claimed that Santa got a pilot's license from the U.S. government in 1927. He was said to has a passport, too. Both Santa and Mrs. Claus received their very own ePassports in 2013—from Canada. Isn’t it amazing?


5. Originally Santa delivered money instead of gifts in order not to let girls be sold as courtesans


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Santa Claus wasn't originally leaving gifts to kids to reward good comment. He started as St. Nicholas, the 4th-century bishop in Patara, or what's called Turkey today. Nicholas was a man with sympathy, being concerned that girls might be sold to do sex work. In order to avoid this happening, he did something secretly. Deliver bags of gold to each family silently and parents would use it as dowries for daughters. Therefore, those girls would marry husbands other than being sold to exchange money. Due to there were no chimney in everyone’s house more than 900 years ago, St. Nicholas would throw the bags of money into their windows. What’s more, He also tried to save kids who were intended to be killed and be made as ham by evil murderers. Think about that, when celebrating this holiday, we are also rejoicing having escaped from being a courtesan or a ham!

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