15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

By  Lily
Published on   Sep 19, 2019

1. Stay away from November kids

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2. Now you know!

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 3. Whaaattt!

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4. Did you notice!

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5. The lost case!

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6. Where are my friends!

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 7. You know what to do next time around.

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8. I remember listening to heavy metal in my teenage years. I actually was an angry kid.

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9. Give it a shot and do something nice for someone else today.

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10. No wonder they say one falls in love.

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11. Ouch!

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12. Heartbreaks hurt.

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13. Okay, who hasn't experienced this once or twice?

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14. Have a phobia? Blame it on the family!

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15. Now we know!

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