10 Reallyyyyy Creepy Facts I Learned This Year That Honestly Might Keep You Up At Night

Published on   Oct 25, 2022


Some time ago, I read a few Reddit threads where individuals shared the most spooky information they were aware of and learned about further facts from the Netizens Community. Here are all 30 of them in one place!


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1. Refrigerators Are Magnetic


"Refrigerators are magnetic because kids used to die inside them. Before 1956, refrigerators could only be opened from the outside."


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2. Charles Bonnet Syndrome


People who are slowly going blind might suffer from Charles Bonnet syndrome, where they hallucinate patterns or, in some cases, people. It can last for years, and there is no cure — nor is there a medication that specifically gets rid of the visions. The main treatment seems to be just...understanding that they aren't real and aren't the result of a mental health problem.


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I must paraphrase this from the National Health Service website in the UK because it is bizarre: "By getting to know the figures in their visions, some people are able to conquer their dread. For instance, a guy with Charles Bonnet syndrome recalled asking the figures he sees when he wakes up in the morning, "Right, what have you got in store for me today?" This gives him some control over his feelings regarding his visions."


3. Your Brain Won't Stop Activity When You Are Dead


Studies indicate that even after you are declared clinically dead, your brain may still be active. It's possible that you'll actually be pronounced dead. One patient's brain activity was monitored for up to 30 minutes.


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In fact, it's been hypothesized that there may be a few seconds of awareness after someone is decapitated, as studied in rats.


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5. Anne Boleyn


There were even witnesses who said that Anne Boleyn tried to speak after she was beheaded.


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6. Sewing People Into A Bag With Live Dog


Speaking of execution methods...one method the ancient Romans used involved beating people and then sewing them into a bag with a live dog, snake, monkey, and chicken and throwing them into the ocean.


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7. Scaphism


The Romans were notorious for gruesome execution methods. Perhaps the worst (alleged) method was called scaphism, in which a person was force-fed, and covered in, milk and honey, put in a swamp, and slowly eaten alive by maggots and worms.


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Also: "The Romans used to torture people by having goats lick their feet. Goats like salt, so they would soak their feet in salt water. Eventually the goat’s tongue was rough enough that the skin would wear away; then you’d have a wound with salt trickling in."


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8. Let the Building Burn


Another ancient Rome fact: "During the late Roman Republic, one of the richest men in Rome, Marcus Licinius Crassus, used to own a team of firefighters (there was no dedicated firefighter service at the time). If your building was burning, he would offer to buy the building. If you agreed, he put out the fire. If not, his team of firefighters just left and let the building burn."


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9. Human Bite


 "If you get bitten by a human, you absolutely have to go to the hospital right away because the amount of deadly bacteria in any given person's mouth could actually kill you if it enters your bloodstream."


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10. Mount Everest Climbers


You probably know that a ton of people have died trying to climb Mount Everest, but what you don't likely know is that many of their bodies and belongings are used as trail markers.


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One climber, David Sharp, actually began to freeze to death so close to where another frozen body "landmark" was that 40 people passed by him without helping him. By the time someone realized the body was actually the still-alive Sharp, it was too late.

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