10 Real Historical Events That Are Scarier Than Horror Movies!-3

By  Echo
Published on   Oct 20, 2022

George Washington Comes Back From The Dead


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Dr. William Thornton existed before Dr. Victor Frankenstein. To make his monstrous monster, Frankenstein rummaged through the graves of recently killed prisoners. Thornton settled for a more refined customer, the United States of America's Founding Father. Martha Washington assured George Washington that he would live to see the year 1800. On Saturday night, December 14, 1799, George Washington died. Martha, apparently unwilling to break her commitment, contacted Dr. William Thornton. 


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George Washington feared being buried alive. He was terrified by stories about coffins with scratch marks within. After verifying his death, Washington worked with his secretary, Tobias Lear, to "not let his body be deposited into the Vault in less than three days." During that time, his bereaved family would gather and watch to see whether he moved. Thornton had another thought.


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William Thornton was a well-known physician during his time. Thornton, educated at Europe's top colleges, swore he could fix everything wrong with Washington. Washington passed away before he came. That was no problem for Thornton. The strategy was straightforward. Thornton would immerse Washington's body in cold water like a Thanksgiving turkey. Thornton would wrap the president in layers of blankets to thaw him out. Thornton would pump air into Washington's lungs to induce breathing as his body temperature progressively rose. Thornton would inject the President with sheep's blood to restart his heart. The Washington would eventually resurrect as if nothing had occurred. Surprisingly, the idea was turned down.


Ivan Pavlov experimented on homeless orphans too


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The insane Russian scientist's mind control experiments on helpless victims are as old as the hills. Those crazy scientists, on the other hand, rarely win the Nobel Prize. Ivan Pavlov is the rule that proves the exception. Even though Pavlov is most known for training dogs, his research was never intended to stop there. Nikolai Krasnogorsky, a student of Pavlov's, expanded his studies to include humans. He was able to simply control a group of young children by recruiting subjects from the nearby orphanage without having to worry about receiving permission from their parents.


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It would have been impossible to recreate the setup from his mentor's well-known dog experimentation. Compared to dogs, people are less likely to eat when told to. The children's mouths were propped open by metal head gear and leather straps. Their saliva collection was measured using apparatus connected inside the mouth. Every time food was due to be distributed, an electric pad would touch their wrist. Both sweets and disgusting food were forced-fed to the kids. Their responses to the various samples were noted. Though highly unethical, the research furthered the scientific understanding of conditioning on humans. Unlike Pavlov’s dogs, humans were less susceptible to slight changes in the stimuli. Through their suffering Kransngorsky’s children laid the groundwork for the modern theory of cognitive behavioral therapy.


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