'Never Underestimate The Evil Of Human Nature', 5 Netizens Share The Bad Guys They Met

Published on   Aug 03, 2022


It is human nature to want to see ourselves as the heroes of our own story. So, in ways large and small, we work hard to maintain a positive self-image. Indeed, research has shown that one way we do this is by actively avoiding comparisons with people who are similar to us but who also possess negative characteristics.

Here are the 15 netizens who shared their terrible experience with humans on Internet.


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 Defending Mom & Argue With Wife


Netizen u/Livid-Progress4012 from the reddit said:


AITA for defending what my mom said about our unborn baby and telling my wife to stop picking fights with her?


My mom and my wife do not get along, probably never will. I told my mom right off the bat that my partner was going to come first, and my mom said she understands that, but I can't make her like her and that set the tone for our current distant relationship.


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My wife is currently pregnant with our first child. My mom did make a brief appearance at the shower, and gave to be honest a shitty gift. I know that sounds entitled, but based on her income it was kind of shitty. 


My MIL on the other hand is over the moon and seems to think this is her do over baby. She talks about nothing but the baby. Both extremes are annoying to be honest. Anyway we saw my mom recently at a wedding and were all seated at the same table.


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Some people at the table were talking about my mom's upcoming wedding and making a big deal about it, and asking a lot of questions. My MIL turned the topic back to the baby shower and then commented that my mom really doesn't seem excited.


My mom laughed it off and said she is getting married. She literally doesn't care about anything else. I could see the hurt on my wife's face. My wife demanded to know who would say something like that. My mom said nothing person, but her wedding is much more exciting to her than someone else's baby. My MIL was horrified and reminded my mom that it was her grand baby. My mom said yes, so not her baby, but her wedding.


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My wife mouthed to my mom "I literally hate you" and that was the end of that. After we left I brought up to my wife that I don't think what she said was fair. They don't like each other. My mom understands not liking the mom means she won't be close to our child, and to be honest she's right. It isn't her child, but it is her wedding. I get why that is more exciting for her.


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My wife was very offended, said I shouldn't have taken my mom's side, and said I disrespected our baby.



My Sister's Text


Netizen u/lucyblew from the reddit said:


AITA for showing my family group chat a screenshot of my sister's texts?


I'm the fifth born of six, and I'm the only family member my younger sister Sara (19) still talks to. She was living with family until she ran off with her abusive boyfriend that got her addicted to meth; she has lost my parents' and siblings' trust. Maybe she still talks to me because we two do click the best, but part of it is also that I've sent her money (from CashApp requests) when nobody else would.


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My mom and sis Kat had been trying to contact her for a while, ignored, even though she told them she'd still keep in touch after running away. She and I were chatting one day when I asked her, "Why don't you talk to Mom and Kat?" She said, "Will you give me $100 if I do?" I quickly screenshotted it and sent it to Kat like :( this is what it's come to. Seconds later, Sara sent "jk lol don't screenshot that it was a joke."


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She quickly called me. I couldn't bear to hear her voice. I tried to spin it in the chat as an accident, like I meant to send another text screenshot (funny client cringe, from my boyfriend) of the kind I already liked to send to my dad. Any chance at a white lie seemed better than outright apologizing and having her feel hurt believing I intentionally did it. I would never intentionally expose her to the whole family like that.


My family didn't think I did anything wrong by sharing that, and she texted me unprompted to say she was hurt but forgave me. I can't help but shake the sinking feeling that maybe even sending it just to my dad put me in the wrong. What do you think? Am I the Asshole?


I Did Not Invite A Friend To Wedding


Netizen u/die_foersterin from the reddit said:


WIBTA for not inviting a recently reconciled friend to wedding?


About 13yrs ago bf and I have been introduced by our mutual friend R. We hit it off pretty much straight away, dating every since. R lives about 2hrs away from us (which in my country is quite far), but we tried to meet as often as possible; almost every other week we were in his city for sport events and we made it a point to at least see him for coffee. This stopped about 4yrs ago due to several reasons (all three of us battling depression to more or less severe grades, bf and I having new jobs with irregular hours, etc...). Basically life happened and at some point we pretty much lost contact. I guess we've all been kinda sore and affronted because we felt the opposing party didn't put as much effort into keeping this friendship alive.


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A year ago bf and I got engaged, our wedding will be in October. At some point we agreed, that we sorta wanted R at the wedding since he introduced us and was like an older brother to me at the time (situation with my family is a bit complicated). Yet it didn't feel right just straight up inviting him after being low to no contact for so long. So we dropped the idea.


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A few weeks back I decided to take a step forward and texted R. He was happy to get back in contact and we decided to meet. It was a nice day, didn't feel like much time had passed but -as these things go- we've been tiptoeing around the issue of who's fault the last 4yrs were and if it even mattered (because "whatevs, the important thing is that we've reconciled"). Bf and R are yet to meet again, and I'm not sure it'll go as smoothly as it did with me; male pride being hurt and so on. Bf said though that no matter how things go between them, if I really wanted R at the wedding he'd be welcome to attend.


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The thing is that it's going to be a very small wedding: courthouse, lunch, and dinner, 25 people all in all (including even bride, groom, and the photographer). I'm not really sure if I feel like our friendship is back at that point just yet. Our other friends know about the situation and some of our friends can be kinda protective, but I don't want things between our guests to be weird. Also, with our history - especially the depression part - I'm worried that R and us will brake apart soon again. The last time hurt both bf and me a lot, and if things take a bad turn I don't wanna spend the next 30yrs looking at my wedding photos constantly being reminded about someone who meant so much to me and is now out of the picture. Then again I feel obligated to having R there because without him bf and I never would have met, and he still means much to me.



Asking My Wife To Pay For Private School


Netizen u/throwawaydad816 from the reddit said:


AITA asking my wife to help pay for private school despite separate finances?


I have been married to Stella for 7 years now. Together we have 5 children, daughters from my previous relationship (Kira 11 and May 7), a son and daughter from Stella (Brianna 13 and Jayden 8), and a son together (Lucas 2). My two are 50/50 custody, while my stepchildren only see their bio father every second weekend.

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My wife and I agreed to split finances and have mostly kept separate, aside from a joint account for essentials (bills, groceries, house etc). We both used to be high earners, though had terrible hours. When our parental leave for Lucas was finishing, our children BEGGED us not to go back to work, that they hated the before/afterschool care and wanted us. In the end, my wife went back but I quit and got a new job. It was much lower pay, but essentially school hours so I was able to be there for our kids. Stella has been paying more of our joint expenses, but otherwise it's been fine. I wouldn't say the split has been firm though, I do buy stuff for my stepchildren or pay when I take them all out, it's more the big payments that are separate.


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Brianna goes to a private high school. I was talking about high schools to my sister, since Kira is year 6, and realised that on my current pay I won't be able to afford to send her with her sister. My ex is barely willing to pay the costs related to public school, let alone a private one. The school is so much better than the nearby public school, and I know Kira wants to go to her sisters school, so I tried to talk to Stella and asked if she would be willing to help. It's education, and she's close with my daughters, so it's not like I'm asking her to pay for something crazy.


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We argued pretty bad. She thinks I'm being greedy, selfish and petty. But it's not like I'm asking to mooch. I would still foot 50%, and get my ex to contribute as much as I can get her to. Yes it was my choice, but it was for ALL the children, for our family. Besides I literally take care of my step children more than my own (85% v 50%). I'm not just being lazy or focusing on my own children, I've been there for them all. So I think it's frankly unfair for her to refuse to help even a little. But obviously she thinks I'm being an asshole.



I Wore A Dress That My Cousin Wanted To Wear


Netizen u/dumbbratbaby from the reddit said:


AITA for wearing a dress that my cousin wanted to wear


My aunt had a beautiful gown type dress gifted to her by a friend who was a fashion designer. it was supposed to be handed down to her daughter once she turned 18. 


I grew up as a fat kid, and my cousin was always skinny. she used to bully me about my weight to the point where i was deeply insecure about my body. i lost around 40 pounds when i was 16, around the time she was diagnosed with pcos. she gained around 100 pounds in a year and was constantly bitter about it.


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On her 18th birthday her mother didn’t give her the dress like everyone thought she would. she threw a tantrum when her mother told her that she was too big to ever fit into it and gave it to me instead she shouldn’t have shamed her like that in front of everyone but by that point she must’ve been around 400 lbs and the dress was made to fit my 100 lb slender aunt. she refuses to lose weight too so the dress would’ve been wasted on her.


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My cousin stopped talking to me after that which i was grateful for but we eventually crossed paths at our younger aunts wedding. id chosen to wear my other aunt’s dress because it’s stunning and fit with the theme perfectly. my cousin saw me and started screaming that i was rubbing it in her face that i’d gotten the dress and that i was a toxic bitch and she hated me. that hurt, but i couldn’t help but feel a little bit of triumph because of how she abused me for my weight when we were younger. i didn’t respond and i walked away because i didn’t want to ruin my aunts special day and she was hushed by her mother. so, AITA?

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