The Real Thanos - Sony, Killing Spider-Man In The MCU

By  Hansa Wang
Published on   Aug 23, 2019

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It must a shock news for those Marvel fans: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will not produce Spider-Man films any longer, and that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since the late 1990s, Sony has had the rights to Spider-Man. And in 2015, Spidey officially joined the MCU gang when Spider-Man: Homecoming was released. Disney/Marvel had to create a movie deal with Sony for the legal rights to use Spider-Man. Many Marvel fans thought the MCU did reinvigorate Spider-Man into its most complete form. But now, this form is going to break up.


Spider-Man is no longer in the MCU


Clearly, Sony also wants a bulk of the pie while Disney has acquired a number of profits from that. So there arises an acrimonious battle over the financial deal between Sony and Disney. Now, Sony believes that they are equipped to make Spider-Man successful in their own way. Disney and Sony failed to reach new terms that would have given both film studios a financial stake in the films. So Disney lose the access to keep Spider-Man as a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means Spider-Man will leave the MCU, which annoys Marvel fans quite a lot.


Will you accept new Spider-Man movies without Holland and Feige?



Tom Holland have contended in many interviews that he is willing to play Spider-Man for many years. But Holland might be too expensive for Sony’ s taste. They might have the idea that they could make similar movies in a cheaper budget. However, it would be folly for Sony to make new Spider-Man movies from scratch. Perhaps some people say Sony could cast a younger Spider-Man by hiring other actors. Certainly it would take a long time for the new Spider-Man to mature being a strong point. Besides, can you imagine what movies might Sony make without Kevin Feige involved as director/producer?

The animated form of Spider-Man movies?



For Sony, if they still kept the creative elements that works now, they could do well with Spider-Man technically. Fortunately, we will never see the astute insights that Feige had into the character. And Holland might lose the role that he has aspired to since childhood. To rebuild their own franchise, Sony may pay attention to the form of animation to avoid the need to hire live-action actors. If Sony cut any cost on the part of live-action just for making more money, they will probably be considered as a joke.


At present, in many Marvel fans’ eyes, Sony just look like Thanos to the Marvel crowd. They might think in mind: Sony is bringing about their own destruction.

What do you think?