Never Have I Ever.. Analyzed Someone Else’s Boyfriend But Let's Do This For Devi!

Published on   Sep 11, 2022

Never have I ever is a series with which I can relate so much. This Rom Com was an instant hit with people of all ages. Everyone had something in common with at least one member from the cast.

 The Netflix series starring 15 years old Devi Vishwakumar as lead (Maitreya Ramakrishna) just broadcasted its much-anticipated season 3.


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While Devi’s, the protagonist, worries of being accepted as part of the ‘cooler lot’ were somehow resolved, this season has brought more twists in her already complicated love life.

 From not having a boyfriend, to cheating on two, the current love triangle has only added more drama to Devi’s otherwise chaotic life.  Paxton, Ben and now DES.

 Like any teen, Devi has to make some tough choices and sadly there are no right and wrongs this time. And she has gotten the viewers completely involved in the tug of war in three directions (I mean four-Team#DeviIsBetterAlone Duh) This has left the fans with views and opinions which are poles apart.

While Gen Z might feel that Devi is too cool to be stuck on mundane things like having a boyfriend and letting the relationship status define her personality. But millennials are still not over the toxic culture where you needed a boyfriend to have that elated standing in the society.

So whether you feel that Devi was better off alone, and she shouldn't have let go of her already bare self-esteem—I feel her! I feel her struggle and her insecurity.

 As the generation which can absolutely relate and can relive all the failed and cringe worthy relationships, which frankly we all went through in our High School, let’s analyze the boys and see who is the perfect match for Devi. Clearly Devi can't make that choice



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Starting from the heart throb, Paxton. Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Dude, that smile alone is enough to melt your heart and pretty much the rest of you away! One generally swoons over the way his smile reaches his eyes and makes them twinkle—sorry got to focus bro!! Let’s not get carried away.

Back to analyzing, as Gen Z would toast me alive for focusing on looks alone. BUT its Paxton!! So being with Paxton made Devi feel confident about herself but putting aside the ahem, ahem visually pleasing body… I feel Paxton was benefiting more from this relationship.


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Devi truly brought the best out of him. She made him more compassionate. He found goals and worked towards them, he started working harder at studies, he turned into a better version of himself, he got a lot more empathetic and changed his attitude with his fellows, all because of Devi's influence. 

Poor under confident and insecure Devi, never realized her true worth. Not like Paxton didn't play his part. He was mostly there for Devi, never forced her to have sex with her, contrary to his reputation and people's believes. He was understanding when Devi cheated on him and gave her a fair chance.

He was with Devi for all the right reasons and tried his best to boost her confidence. He cared for her in the difficult time, such as when she was bit by a coyote and the time when he took her home after she fought with her BBFs Fabiola and Eleanor.


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On the other hand, Paxton wasn't bringing any value to Devi’s life. Devi, a star student with a bright future, while Paxton mingled with the “popular for the wrong reason” crowd. Devi felt confident for all the wrong reasons, and eventually felt even more insecure. Yeah, like I mentioned earlier, too much drama happening in this series.

I think we have spoken enough about Paxton. So, let's move on!

 Next is *drum roll* Ben, played by Jaren Lewison. Not going to lie, when the season started, I did not find Ben likable at all! He was rude, arrogant and always trying to bring Devi down, but as time (read episodes) passed he started to grow on me.



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A little like that boy who you thought you'd never fall for, but you did right when it was time to graduate from high school and the timings were all wrong. I am sure you have gotten what I mean by now.

Good old Ben, poor little rich boy, a little like Riche Rich but not half as empathetic. He was always ignored at home. He can be seen trying to seek his parents’ approval and attention by doing well in Academic, to an unhealthy stage.

In season one, Ben and Devi were at each other’s throat! The competition was sick while they both tried to outdo each other. However, Ben proved to be a good friend and supported Dev at her worst.

He let her stay at his house when Devi ran away from her house, tried fixing things between Devi and her mother and drove Devi all the way to Malibu, so she could spread her father’s ashes along with her mother. The way he waited for her to get done just melted us.

What a caring boy…


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By this time, I was sure that Devi has a special skill of turning the heartless and cold boys into compassionate ones.

It was sad when Devi turned Ben down, but there wasn't much chemistry there. Their scenes didn't bring us to the edge of our seats. Plus, I feel Ben had a lot of issues he needed to resolve himself. Devi and Ben are better off as friends (things did turn out different in the end)


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Last and the shortest role.DES. If Devi’s mother could custom design a boy for Dev, it would be DES! But but but how dare he ghost Devi right in the start? Major red flags. But like any teenager Devi ignored them, I wouldn't expect anything less. I mean, toxic masculinity only makes boys more attractive, right? And the girl gets to be the damsel in distress? Stop it! No, not going there. This generation is a lot better than this.

Coming back to DES.oh, wait! As if he wasn't toxic enough, his mother was the worst. Sorry, I need to do another article on mother, not this one.

Surprisingly, Des was the best thing that could have happened to Devi, or so she thought. He appeared at the time when Devi was finding it pretty hard to get over Paxton and act all cool in front of him. Devi why are you so like us? You got trapped in the perfect rebound relation, but earth to Devi! They are not long-lasting. Devi also learned this, but the hard way (again, like most of us).

Devi who already suffers from anxiety needed someone who was emotionally mature and strong, but sadly that was not the case with Des. He might have been the picture-perfect guy who would check all boxes written by Devi’s mother and grandmother, but he was still not the right one now.

Another lesson for all the girls! If he's not treating you with respect and standing up for you then well you stand up and RUN! Gosh, I loved the scene where she threw coffee at him (well it was chill, the coffee I mean). The only good he did was that he brought Devi and her mom closer. Finally, gave Devi a little confidence and raised her standards (I really hope so)


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By the end of Season 3 I am glad Devi was strong enough to take her own decision and realize her true worth. The teenager in me won't agree, but Devi is better off alone rather than be with a boy who doesn't deserve her.

Devi needs to fall in love with herself before falling for another boy. You go Devi!





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