Ever Wonder What Hogwarts Character You Are? Click Here To Find Out!

By  Laura Zaks
Published on   Apr 29, 2020

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Do you get excited by the world of wizardry?


Can you see yourself riding under the moonlight on your broom, studying spells or learning how to defeat a great and terrible wizard?


If yes, Hogwarts is your place to be, the home away from home. Find out below which Hogwarts character you are based on your quirks and qualities!


Harry Potter


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Do you ever feel like there’s so much potential inside you, but never had the chance to fully let it shine? Does your family sometimes not understand you because your mind works in different, magical ways that only your friends understand? Harry Potter was born a scar on his head, marking him for greatness from the start. If you are born with a quality or quirk that sets you apart, Harry Potter and you are like one! You both are stronger than you realize and can defeat anything— including any evil wizard— that comes your way.


Hermione Granger


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Do you aim to excel at every task you have in front of you? You just might be Hermione Granger. You try to bend time so that you can accomplish all you want because you’re an ambitious, caring, and highly driven person! You find a solution to any problem and are always there for your friends, even if they don’t understand why you always go to the library or why you randomly disappear. Hermione also started the petition for treating house-elves better, so if you’re like her, you also care about the equality and ethical treatment of all human beings. You have a big heart and you use it for good!


Ron Weasley


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Ron has a lot of siblings, and so he feels like he has a lot to live up to. He works hard to be a good friend and a good student and he is always up to take part in challenges like keeping the Philosopher’s Stone from Professor Quirinus Quirrel, rescuing Ginny from the Chamber of Secret’s Basilisk, or even saving Sirius Black from the demons of Azkaban. If you are like Ron, you don’t back down, you don’t give up and you have a strong sense of humor that is definitely needed in all kinds of stressful situations!


Luna Lovegood


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Are you often called “unusual” or “unearthly” or original? Do you feel like you have a calming, distinctive aura that attracts a lot of people to you? Luna Lovegood is the kind of girl who reads magazines upside down and sticks her wand behind her ear or wears a necklace of Butterbeer caps. If you’re a Luna Lovegood, you are bold and daring, and you are very trust-worthy. You aren’t afraid to join your friends to stand up for what is right!


Rubeus Hagrid


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Do you command the room? Are you often someone people rely on, and can feel safe around? Do you actually have a big heart that never lets others down? Rubeus Hagrid takes care of magical creatures and also served as a guiding and helping hand for Harry Potter. He is brave and strong and even helped fight in the wizarding wars along with the Battle of Hogwarts. If you’re Rubeus Hagrid, you’re a mix of both a fighter and a peacemaker!  




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Headmaster Dumbledore is wise beyond his years, and he is the most humble, gracious, and empathetic person at Hogwarts. He can always find the bright value of any student or professor and has a way of working towards the greater good, always. Even when there’s an evil presence at hand, Dumbledore knew how to maneuver the situation and prove that light always beats the darkness. If you’re Dumbledore, you’re a very special, kind-hearted person whose magical powers stem from the heart and the radiating selflessness of your soul.


Lord Voldemort


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Do you often stray from the path everyone believes you are on? Are you charismatic, ambitious and willing to do everything you can to take power into your own hands? Do you not play games by the rules or have no problem taking the means necessary to get what you want? We hate to say it, but in the Hogwarts world, you’re Lord Voldemort! You crave power, control and fame. You want others to bow down to you and listen to all your demands. Lord Voldemort is a powerful evil wizard and apparently, so are you!

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