7 Details From The Disney+ Marvel TV Show Super Bowl Teaser That Are Absolutely Amazing

By  Caroline
Published on   Feb 15, 2020

1-封面Disney+ / Marvel

For many fans’ expectations, Disney+ released the first teaser trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, AND Loki at the Super Bowl this year,

All three shows will take place AFTER the events of Avengers in terms of the timeline: Endgame. However, WandaVision appears to also be playing with various time periods.

1. First, we glanced at Falcon's new suit, which seemed to have a place for Captain America's shield.

1Disney+ / Marvel

2.  In addition, it looks like a falcon's concession from a white and red suit to the original comic design

2Disney+ / Marvel

3. There is a more obvious detail, but let's first take a look at Helmut Zemo, who last appeared in Captain America: Civil War.

He was captured by Black Panther and handed over to Everett Ross, who locked him in a cell.

3Disney+ / Marvel

4. The outfit worn by Wanda is similar to the original costume which was gotten by Scarlet Witch from the comic book.

4Disney+ / Marvel

5. WandaVision will combine the style of classic sitcom.

5Disney+ / Marvel

6. Say tribute to Brady Bunch, including the iconic stairs.

6Disney+ / Marvel

7. Wanda and Vision find themselves at one point in their very own version of a Family Ties-style sitcom — complete with a stained glass window near the stairs.

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