10 Scintillating Twilight Saga Facts To Feed Your Bella Obsession

Published on   Sep 17, 2020

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If you’re still in love with the Twilight movies, an avid reader of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, or often find yourself debating Team Jacob vs Team Edward, then this one's for you! We’ve got 10 juicy Twilight secrets about Bella Swan fans are just dying to have answered.

The role of Bella Swan catapulted Kirsten Stewart to fame, but it hasn’t been without its controversies. There’s much speculation about the relationship between Bella and Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson in the movies), and whether it ignores some problematic and possibly even abusive issues. One thing is for sure, however- Twilight fans number in their millions, and a key part of the compelling draw of the franchise has to be the main lead, Bella Swan. Their love story has been immortalized in memes and fanfiction, plus the iconic silver screen movies.... So let’s take a peek at some of the key questions fans are asking. How many do YOU know the answers to?

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1. Does Bella have a Favorite Color?

While some love to go on about the franchise’s concerns, there can be little doubt Bella has amassed a huge fan base- and when you look at some of the good deeds she does in the story, there’s little wonder. Wondering what someone’s favorite color can be one of the first questions we ask people, and with Bella it’s been no different. While she started out loving brown, once she falls in love with Edward she describes it as topaz, like his eyes

2. A Kiss From A (Venomous) Rose

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What happens when Edward and Bella kiss? Besides the inevitable flying sparks, does she take in venom? The ‘venom’ of the Twilight f ranchise is scary stuff, built into a vampire’s saliva, so it’s natural that this question has occupied more than one fan.

Apparently, the answer is no. The author's stated pretty firmly that they avoid saliva-swapping French kisses, exactly to avoid this scenario. Not that it matters anyway, since the venom would need to enter the bloodstream to pose a threat.

3. Girl Power

Romance aside, part of the big draw of the Twilight universe is seeing if Bella will turn. And if she does become a vampire, what will her key power be? Apparently, Bella is a ‘shield’ , a vampire who can stop other psychic vampires. Super-cool, right?

4. Does That Mean Bella Died?

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Another often-Googled question about Bella Swan is whether or not we can assume she died after giving birth. Despite the fact Edward saves her life with a bit, it’s a deeply disturbing part of the films, and we’re kinda sad to learn this one was true .

5. How did she have Edward’s baby?

Of course, it also touches on the equally-as-interesting question of how she got pregnant in the first place. Edward isn’t really human- or at the very least a live one. It’s a question asked so many times author Stephanie Meyer felt the need to give a detailed explanation .

6. Does Bella look like Kristen in the Books?

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While Kristen Stewart has become the iconic face of Bella due to the films, does she match up with the original books? To be honest, the answer is yes. She’s clearly described as thin and pale, with dark hair, and she’s called pretty with translucent skin in the books.

7. Is Bella Vegetarian?

As a vampire, yes- but on a technicality! The vampires are all actually vegetarian by default of their lifestyle, so, after her transition, she’d be considered one. Yet pre-transition Bella is shown eating meat at various points in the books. There are burgers and beef specifically mentioned, as well as fried chicken in Breaking Dawn. So why don’t we see this in the movies? Kristen Stewart is herself a vegetarian , so it was avoided on-screen.

8. What Star Sign does Bella Have?

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We’re told that Bella’s birthday is September 13th. This would make her a definite Virgo. Interestingly, as many fans have noticed, the author opted to give her many of the stereotypical traits of a Virgo , too.

9. If Bella Smells So Good, What’s Her Blood Type?

Edward frequently mentions loving the way Bella’s blood smells, which is...kinda romantic, but also kinda creepy. With that in mind, though, what’s her blood type?

Fans have speculated that it’s O, but it’s not really answered for us. 

10. Did Bella’s father find out she was a vampire?

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Perhaps curious as to the father-daughter bond they have in the first few novels, this is perhaps the most asked Twilight question. The answer’s pretty clear, too. He doesn’t, as they want to keep him safe from the Volturi.

And there you have it! These 10 often-asked Bella Swan questions are far from the only questions fans have, so what else would you like to know about this iconic character?

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