Your 2021 Love Horoscope- How The Stars Will Level-up Your Love Life

Published on   Dec 16, 2020

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What do the stars have in store for you and your special person this year? Let’s take a look!


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Venus is hanging out in Capricorn at the start of the year, and will end here too. This will prick your emotions, and you could become secretive and unsure of what to do with all the feelings. If you’ve got your eye on finding love, you’re going to need to work on that in a healthy manner. Later in the year, whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’re going to be looking to the intellectual side of love- be it finding the spark with someone who loves your hobbies, or rediscovering how you and your partner mesh so well together.


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It’s all hinging on communication this year. If you do it well, you’ll be lucky in love, especially in February and March, when Venus is in your sign. Look for creative souls who aren’t afraid to reach for more.


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The earlier stages of the year will see communication improve tremendously with your partner. Singles could meet someone at this time.  Yet the passionate arrival of Mars in Libra isn’t all great for harmony. Expect raised passions and much arguing. If you don’t learn to compromise that fiery temper, you may see it end as quickly as it started.

After July things relax a little. You may even find your romantic side as Jupiter moves into Leo. But the theme of the year is definitely temptation- and why you should avoid it at all costs if you’re trying to go steady with a special someone.


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It’s an unexciting year for you, Taurus, but after 2020 that may not be a bad thing. The status quo is unlikely to shift, though- you’ll plow on steadily, single or hitched, just as you are. Sadly, you may find the struggles of 2020 repeating themselves unless you consciously act to improve them.


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Look out for a year that’s deep and meaningful. If you’re single, your partner could come from a friendship, or at least a meeting of minds. If you’ve been in a relationship, things could get better than ever. Focus on intimacy and connection, though, or lose the magic altogether. It’s your choice.


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Venus is flirting with all the signs this year, but she’s definitely got her eye on you, Cancer! As Venus starts and ends the year in Capricorn, the sign of serious, dutiful hard work, it’s a good sign that you will be working on what matters most to you, especially close, existing love relationships. If 2020 was a rocky year, expect a positive resolution in 2021. If you managed to pull through 2020 in a good place- well, the sky's the limit!


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Lions looking to go steady may find what they’re looking for this year. In fact, April to September sees wedding bells ringing all over. But be aware that the man y 2021 Mercury retrogrades will hamper communication and make you inflexible. Not a good look with your Leo Ego! Don’t forget your partner’s side of things, and try to compromise a little, Leo. It could go well for you this year if you do.


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For you, Neptune will set the tone of personal relationships this year, especially your romantic ones. You may find your special someone leaning on you heavily. It’s important to find the line between supporting them as they need, and being taken advantage of. Keep a realistic view of everyone you love this year, whether it’s a new squeeze or your life partner. Sometimes you have to say goodbye if it’s no longer worth it.


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This year you may feel more loving to your partner- but it's less intense passion, and more comfortable love. Depending on your partner's sign, this could be good or bad. In fact, this is a good year overall to follow your partner’s lead in love. That way, you should both feel fulfilled.


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This is the year for big changes, Scorpio. Don’t despair, though! Remember that changes can be both good or bad. You may see your relationship upgrade to something more serious, or you may decide to call it quits on something that isn’t serving you anymore. Either way, change is coming. 

If you’re looking to propose to your special someone, opt for late April and early May, as that will see Venus in Taurus. Make your best moves early in the year- the Autumnal Mars in Capricorn will be there to guide you if you do.


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Been feeling in a rut, Sagittarius? This will be the year that changes. Impulsive stimulation will keep things sizzling, which should make things exciting. Just don’t let it get out of control and you’ll be fine.


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Venus will be doing her thing in Capricorn at both the start and end of 2021, which is good news for romantics. If you have big plans, try to make them happen then. Venus gives you a flirty, attractive edge that’s compelling. You might feel a little more charismatic the entire year, in fact, an oddity for the quiet and withdrawn goat. It could be your lucky year for love, if you put yourself out there the right way.

There you have it- your love forecast for 2021!

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