What Your Kissing Style Can Reveal About Your Relationship?

By  Laura Zaks
Published on   Mar 18, 2020

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For some people, kissing is even more intimate than any other physical act of love.


It’s sharing a kiss and the emotional passion throughout it that really solidifies most relationships and takes them to a level of not just “like” but “love.”


The bond you have with another person is revealed when a couple kisses and so, below is a breakdown of what your relationship is like based on the kisses you share!

French Kisses


If you and your partner are French kissing, that indicates you two are more than comfortable with one another and have that passion and lust for one another. You two could go hours kissing and not even feel time slip by! French kisses can be both fast and slow, but either way, you are adventurous, intense lovers and find each other beyond desirable.

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Forehead Kisses


Forehead kisses from your partner show a level of care that’s different from on-the-mouth kissing: it’s gentle affection, but it could also mean your partner has a need to protect you. Your partner, in that moment or in general, feels they need to take care of you in some way.


Hand Kisses


Hand kisses mean your partner is feeling romantic and is trying to, simply put, “woo” you. Your partner sees you as someone who needs romance, devotion, and chivalry. A hand kiss, by nature of the partner having to bow and be at a lower level, wants to show you that the ball’s in your court: you are the one to impress.


Closed-lip Kisses


Closed-lip kisses signify that you aren’t quite ready to let your partner fully into your heart. You aren’t ready to explore the more passionate side of the relationship and want to keep their affection at bay. Or, it could mean you don’t enjoy their kissing abilities when it comes to Frenching, and that’s something to bring up to them and work on!


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Earlobe Kisses


Earlobe kisses mean your relationship is sensual and you like pleasing your partner is different, exciting ways. Earlobe kisses also mean you are a good listener and are in tune with the needs of your partner and know their body just as much as your own. Earlobe kisses can also mean you are very seductive but in a very demure, quiet confidence kind of way.


Biting Kisses


Biting kisses/kisses where you bite your partner’s lip indicates that your relationship is edgy, spicy and full of spunk. You two enjoy being lustful and maybe even a bit “rough” with one another. You enjoy adding flavor and surprise in your relationship.


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 Peck Kisses


Peck kisses can mean several things. It could mean you and your partner are into a light-hearted, casual romance with not too many strings attached. You two keep things fun and easy between each other. On the flip side, pecks can also mean that you two are too busy to really dive into the passion and sensual desire and aren’t making enough time for intimacy. Slow things down and dive in, if that’s the case!

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