Should I Get Back With My Ex? 5 Things To Be Taken Into Full Account Before Your Decision

By  Penny
Published on   Feb 14, 2020

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Have you recently broken up with your partner? Are you questioning whether or not it was the right decision? Maybe you are unsure what to do next. 

Here are following 5 things to be taken into consideration before you make up your mind-either to move on or to get back with an ex.

1. He/She only has “one chance”.


It is “one chance” rule that really counts. Consider how many times you have broken up with an ex. If this is the first chance that you have a heartbreaking experience with an ex and  there really exist some unforgettable memories and redeeming qualities of the relationship, you can try it one more time. It seems that that chance is given to an ex. Exactly, it is also a chance for yourself to tackle with those problems. However,if you are in a relationship that is repaired for many times, get out now.

2. Whether there was abuse


An ex who has abuse will not be worth a fixed relationship. If there was any form of abuse, never try to return, even think of that. An abuse leads to a vicious cycle. Don’t expect an ex  to get rid of it. Don’t believe his/her promise not to have it repeated. A common cycle is to abuse and the same thing happens again and again. Nothing will change.

3. Remind those good and bad memories.

Think it clear why you would like to get the relationship again. In general, there are good and bad experiences in every relationship. If you think twice and decide that those good aspects weigh more than those bad, go and return to your ex. If you can look back and remember more conflict or moments of misery, it's no worth returning.Why return to something that wasn’t good in the beginning?

4. Your true feelings about your relationship.

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Despite the current sorrow you face, try to imagine a real picture view of  your true feelings when you were together. 

It’s normal not to forget your an ex easily when a heartbreaking relationship occurs. Good and happy memories may come back into your mind regularly. But it doesn’t mean you have to get back with him without thinking. Good memories can actually minimize the negative aspects of the relationship.

However, before making a decision to return to an ex, accurately reflect on the relationship itself. Did you feel happy, content, secure, and supported when being with your partner? Or was it filled with conflict, disconnection, or other negative feelings? Did you feel tired of explaining misunderstandings every time with an ex?

If the relationship was more difficult than easy, be aware that your getting back with your ex will lead to future heartbreak. 

5. Don’t Get Back Together Because You’re Lonely

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Another sign that you should not get back together is if you’re lonely or bored without a partner, or you hate the single life.

The post-breakup loneliness can be misleading. It’s this time that could lead you to find an ex again. An ex may try to find you again for the same reason. Figure it out about how loneliness plays into your decision. 

Getting back together with an ex can definitely evoke a lot of emotions, both positive and negative. 

Think Clear and Follow Your Heart! 

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