Are You Crushing On The Wrong Guy? Find Out Here!

Published on   Apr 03, 2020

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When girls have a crush on a guy, it’s not a simple feeling. We think about them all the time, listen to songs that remind us of their personality, and we try so hard to make them like us back.


This requires a lot of energy, so our crushes should deserve this time we put into them! The whole point is that we put this effort in so that they like us back, and show that effort too.


Read below for signs that you should move on from your crush because he’s just not worth your time if he does the following things:


1. He ends your conversations short


If the guy you like cuts you off mid-sentence or ends your conversations when you feel like you’ve only started, he’s not interested in talking with you as more than a friend— and that’s not okay! Why waste time sharing your heart with someone who doesn’t care to listen?


2. He doesn’t make plans to hang out with you


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Are you always the one initiating plans after school or on the weekends? Are you always the one to mention fun things you could do together? That means you’re the only one putting time and effort in to show him he matters. Is he making sure you feel that way? No? Move on, girl!


3. He doesn’t laugh or smile at your jokes


If he likes you, he will laugh, smile, or even blush sometimes when you talk. If the guy you’re crushing on isn’t doing those things, he is not the one for you. He clearly doesn’t see the amazing and funny girl he has in front of him!


4. You see him hanging out with other girls


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If your crush is constantly spending time with other girls or if he always talks about other girls when he’s with you, he is not worth a penny of your time! He has made other girls his priority, so why ever make him yours?


5. He doesn’t answer your snap, text or message


Does the guy you like constantly leave you on open, or unanswered? Do you find yourself trying to see if he’s online and wondering why he hasn’t had the spare minute to check your text? You are worthy of someone who wants to answer you right away— someone who is excited to hear from you! Forget him!


6. You start basing your opinion of yourself on his opinion of you


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The worst thing in the world is when the person you like becomes more important than loving yourself! If the guy you like makes you feel like you constantly have to vie for his attention or like you have to prove yourself to be worthy of him, he is a toxic guy to like! Never allow him to make you feel like you are not beautiful enough, special enough or worthy enough. There is someone better for you out there, so let him go!

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