10 Reasons Why A Woman Madly In Love With You Can Leave You Forever

By  Judy
Published on   Sep 12, 2019


Women are the most emotional beings on this planet. They can do anything to protect their relationship and preserve love, but there is a limit to their everlasting love and devotion. They don’t like to get used and betrayed even 0.5% of betrayal can scar them. Still many women forgive their partners after a lot of negative actions such as cheating, lies, violence etc. nowadays women are more aware of their surroundings, and they are relatively more concerned about their wellbeing than the women from the past generation. Here is a list of ten reasons for how a woman can end a relationship even if she is madly and deeply in love with you. 


1. Lack of attention and care

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There is a basic need for every girl/woman that she needs a person who would make her his priority and try to spend more time in his free time with her then his friends, work or extra hobbies. Guys can sometimes get really inattentive and go to such long extents that it gets unbearable and that is the moment when a lot of questions pop in a girl’s mind which is normally that he might not be loyal or he doesn’t love you that much to make more free time for you. This is a huge reason these days for so many relationships to end sadly. So men should not take their partners for granted as a woman’s most basic need is time and attention. 


2. She is insecure

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This is a huge trust issue. If you can’t give your partner the assurance and love them enough, they might start feeling insecure and develop so many thoughts in their minds which might not be even true. So from the start of the relationship, your main priority should be giving the woman you love a lot of attention and also not doing anything that would make them insecure. Insecurities can be about anything. Women are thinking about lots of stuff in their heads; you have to clear their minds by your love. True love demands a lot of hard work and dedication towards one another. Or else your relationship might end as a woman can’t stand this especially. 


3. You are a negative entity for her

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When you shut down on your wife or girlfriend all the time. Cancel plans and act rudely or roughly even. It can start making your relationship weak and brittle. It might not last for long if you do not try to become positive and productive in your life. Guys need their emotional space as well, but if you are having a commitment with you try preserving the love and spend time in healthy activities to stay loving and positive towards the woman you love. Woman dream a guy who is strong and caring and mature to handle them and his own life as well. So do not lose your precious love by acting out all the time. 


4. You act immaturely

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Mostly people fall in love at young ages. As it’s a fact that girls are ten years more mature than boys so we can completely understand that guys at a young age are immature and don’t know how to handle their relationships. Whereas girls act more like women and like to preserve their future and becoming strong. Boys, on the other hand, want to spend more time in fun. This ends a lot of relationships and girls leave these kinds of boys due to their ignorance and lack of maturity even in love. 


5. She is tired of giving and not receiving anything

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When women are tired of giving what you want and get nothing for themselves in return, they pack up and leave. Yes! They do just like that because men don’t have the right to mentally pressure them for their own needs and be selfish when it comes to women’s needs. 


6. You both have different mentalities

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When two people don’t have almost the same minds, and they don’t have the same thoughts they don’t agree with each other on anything. This makes a lot of relationships end. As if you don’t have a proper understanding, even love can’t do anything. 


7. She doesn’t feel you are loyal

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When woman doubt on their partner’s loyalty here comes another trust issue. If you are making your wife or girlfriend, feel like you are not loyal to them. Then there is nothing left in the relationship. 


8. She doesn’t think she can rely on you

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Woman basically love to be independent and all, but if you are not making them feel like you are the source of their strength and that you are not really possessive about them then it can make them feel like the relationship isn’t working anymore. 


9. She doesn’t want to come on your extra requirements

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Every girl has her limits. You can’t just ask her to do a lot of extra stuff to come on your certain standards. Either accept her the way she is or find someone else who is more compatible. Otherwise, it might be the end of a loving relationship. 


10. The passion has died

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It sometimes might feel like you are just made for each other, and you might feel its true love. But you can come to discover that it’s not. Especially woman can’t live with a man she doesn’t love truly. 

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