10 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

By  montylian
Published on   Aug 29, 2022


With the right set of gadgets in your kitchen, cooking becomes easier and more fun. Kitchen gadgets undoubtedly make cooking easier. To meet your cooking goals and cook tasty foods in no time and with little or no stress, we have researched and come up with 10 kitchen gadgets that will make you look forward to cooking.



Poplite Hot Air Popper




Popcorn poppers play a big role in the quality and taste of popcorn. This popper is your best bet if you want plain, healthy, and well-popped corn! It pops faster and better than a microwave.


This popper is way ahead of its peers; it pops with hot air and not oil. The measuring cup can be used as a butter melter. The best thing about this popper is that it pops directly into your bowl and is more economical than most microwave bags.





▲Fast and economical  


▲Pops with air, not oil


▲Leaves little/no kernel unpopped


Con: It does not have an on/off switch but safe to use




Brand: Presto || Color: Red || Material: Plastic || Special Features: Manual, multi-purpose measuring cap, hot air, non-stick surface, cord wrap. 



Gravity Electric Pepper Grinder For People With Arthritic Hands




A pepper grinder helps pepper to keep its original potency. It can be grounded while still having its original flavor and will not lose its taste while processing it from grinder to food; it comes out with a mouth-savoring result that always packs a punch.


This Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set is a ten out of ten, it features adjustable coarseness, battery powered with LED light, one-hand automatic operation, and a sleek stainless steel design.


This pepper grinder has a gravity switch; you don’t need to press a button; you have to flip the grinder, and you will have fresh ground pepper. This grinder is also a must-buy for people with arthritic hands because it is easier to use. It is suitable for pepper, salt, and other solid grain seasonings. 


Battery-powered, convenient, and fast, it also has many grinding levels of your choice, which allows you to grind your spices from coarse to fine. You choose the coarseness of spice, salt, or pepper by turning the adjustment knob at the head of the grinder.





▲One-hand gravity sensor switch


▲Control over coarseness


Con: No On/off switch




Brand: Sweet Alice || Material: Stainless steel and acrylic || Color: Black || Special Features: LED light, Gravity Sensor Switch, Transparent Acrylic



Classic Waffle Maker With Dual Indicator Lights




Are you a lover of traditional waffles? This round classic waffle maker is a gadget you should have in your kitchen if you want quality and tasty waffles. It has a 5-setting browning control, giving you authority over your waffle’s cook temperature.


The waffle grid is non-stick coated, and washing it comes with ease. The fast waffle maker has two indicator lights, green and red. Red signifies ‘ready to bake’ while Green signifies ‘ready to eat.’




▲Nonstick-coated waffle grids


▲Dual indicator light


Bakes Waffles Fast




Baking Plate cannot be removed for the dishwasher 




Brand: Cuisinart || Color: Silver || Material: Stainless steel || Special Features: Browning control adjustments, Nonstick baking plates, Rubber feet, Weighted lid, Regulating thermostat



Vacuum Sealer Machine With Indicator Light




Are you tired of wasting food because you find it difficult to seal them for storage? The Geryon vacuum cleaner is all you need to store food without losing its taste and flavor.


The affordable vacuum sealer removes the air and seals the bag to keep food fresh longer. You can use it to seal vegetables, fruits, meat etc., for freezing. This affordable vacuum sealer handles bags that are up to 12 inches long! 






▲Comes with vacuum sealer bags


▲Indicator lights







Brand: Geryon || Color: Silver || Material: Plastic || Special Features: Indicator light, heat-sealing strip, switch lock, smart touch button, removable gasket



Portable Rechargeable Blender For Smoothies And Shakes




This is a great product to consider if you want a blender that is easy to carry about and rechargeable. This little blender has six stainless blades that can run very fast to achieve twenty-four thousand Rotations Per Minute (RPM).


You can have your smoothies and shakes in less than a minute! It can be charged by a power bank or even a computer. Cleaning comes with no stress; you must add water and long press the on/off button to enable the self-cleaning mode. 






▲6 sharp blades


▲Blades run up to 24000 RPM


Con: Can’t be used while charging




Brand: Mulli || Color: Navy Blue || Material: Plastic || Special Features: Self-cleaning mode, USB charging, Resistance sensing, Silicone charging



High Power Air Fryer With Timer Knob




Too much oil is harmful to your health. This is why you should consider buying this air fryer. It cuts off 85% of the oil needed and keeps your heart in good shape. The air fryer is versatile; you can use it to fry, grill, roast, and even bake!


You don’t have to worry about cleaning; it has a non-stick coating that resists food from bonding to the surface. It is easy to use as it comes with an instruction manual and has eight cooking presets. 




▲Easy to Clean  


▲Healthier meals  




Con: Short power cable




Brand: Uten || Color: Black || Wattage: 1700 watts || Dishwasher Safe: YES || Special Features: 3D Air Guide, Detachable basket & pan, Non-stick, Dishwasher Safe, 8 cooking presets, Temperature/timer knob 



Cotton Candy Machine With 5 Sugar Packs




You don’t need to look forward to attending a fair to taste cotton candy; you can now do that from the comfort of your room. All you need is a cotton candy cone or paper cone, as this machine comes with five sugar packs you can use to get different flavors of cotton candy.


If you have a kid at home, this is a handy gadget to buy to give those lads a nice treat. This cotton candy machine is easy to clean and operate. 




▲Easy to take apart for cleaning


▲It comes with 5 different candy flavors


▲Low noise levels




Machine not kid friendly 




Brand: Cotton Candy express || Color: Pink || Special Features: Floss head, Cherry candy flavor, Vanilla candy flavor, Grape candy flavor, Blue raspberry candy flavor, and Orange candy flavor



Electric Stainless Steel Panini Press With Temperature Settings




Are you a lover of sandwiches or cheese? It is high time you stopped making sandwiches the old way. Show off your cooking skills with this electric panini press. You can easily adjust the cooking temperature to your taste using the temperature settings.


Equipped with raised side walls to avoid spills. The panini press is made of non-stick plates; all you need is tissue paper to clean it. Also, please do not pull the handles to close it; the lid is designed to close as the sandwich cooks. 




▲Non-stick plates


▲Convenient preset


▲120 Watt Full Power


▲Non-Slip rubber feet

Con: It doesn’t have a timer



Brand: Imusa || Color: Silver || Material: Stainless steel || Special Features: Red power & Green indicator light, Nonstick, Raised side walls, Preset temperature knob, Touch handle



Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker With Double Insulated Freezer Bowl




Make your favorite yogurt or ice cream in less than 20 minutes without looking for ice. The mixing paddle is strong enough to meet your mixing needs. The paddle mixes your favorite dessert to achieve your desired result.


It comes with double freezer bowls, which need to be kept in the freezer for at least 8 hours. The pack comes with a lid with a large sprout which allows you to add any ingredient you might want to add to your dessert. 




Transparent and speedy


Causes no mess and can take up to 1½ quart


Comes with a 3-year warranty


Con: None



Brand: Cuisinart || Color: White || Material: Plastic || Special Features: Double-insulated freezer bowl, Powerful motor & mixing paddle, Ingredients feeding sprout, advanced mixing paddle, Easy lock lid



Adjustable Pot Strainer With Silicone Clip-on




Do you find it hard to strain water out of fruits, pasta, veggies, potatoes etc, without some falling? This pot strainer is about to end your nightmare.


The clip is adjustable and designed to fit into several types of pot regardless of their sizes and shapes. You don’t have to worry about serving hot pasta; it can handle hot water. It is dishwasher safe and easy to wash by hand.




▲Dishwasher Safe


▲Heat resistant


▲Space saving 


Con: Hole might be big for some tiny noodles



Brand: Kitchen Gizmo || Material: Silicone || Color: Gray || Special Features: Dishwasher safe, Heat resistant, BPA-free silicone, Nonstick grip, Built-in sprout


Here’s the end of our list today. Please ensure you read the instruction manuals that come with these products. Instructional manuals make you easily navigate the products. 


People complain about a gadget not working or functioning well, but they didn’t do their due diligence by going through the instruction manual to know how to use the product to its best.


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