10 Unique Christmas Gifts Could Surely Impress Your Boyfriends

By  Penny
Published on   Dec 06, 2019

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1. A pair of Poe-ka dot socks will bring your boyfriends with satisfaction, who already possess a stuffed animal raven somewhere around their house. This pair would help them with a great collection. "Will you feel content with this pair?" "Nevermore."


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2. A dancing Groot Bobblehead will be a unique gift. Your boyfriends would put it on the desk as a brave guard just like who guards the galaxy.


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3. An album of Disney Art Collection will give your boyfriends a big surprise. The Golden Age (1937-1961) card book, covering 100 classic postcards that are from different stages of the animation process of Disney films. It could be regarded as a short history of Disney collected in a delicate box, which is of great significance.


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4. Prepare a Bob's Burgers wall calendar. Your boyfriends can call up their friends to straddle old and new years. A new calendar represents your relationship with him getting closer through years.


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5. A set of chess seems to be a super gift of Super Mario-theme, which comes with a bright board as well as detailed statues. Unluckily, there is not a flagpole in the set. You are not able to jump when victories come.


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6. A special decoration on their bags. Nothing could not be better than a geeky enamel pin or two (or more) for a geek lover. Because it's typical of geeks to decorate their bags with those small bright symbols.


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7. Each boy dreams to be a superman. A suit of LOL-worthy Superman socks completed with a cape will make their dream come true. When dressed, they will scream with happiness as a child that, "It's a bird, it's a plane, no...it's novelty footwear!"


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8. An electronic product loved by all boys. It sounds incredible but an Airfly wireless transmitter could make it, which is designed to let boys connect their Airpods or any wireless headphones, even some without Bluetooth. They’ll enjoy this.



9. Make sure that if you send A pack of aerating wine decanters to them that they have the chance to turn their two-buck chuck into duex-franc Claude.

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10. If your boyfriends have trouble falling asleep, a super-soft light-blocking cotton sleep mask will be the best choice. It is designed for people having difficulty sleeping and it's always the perfect fit.


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