Which American Girl Doll Are You?

By  Laura Zaks
Published on   Mar 26, 2020

封面Via American Girl

Each American Girl Doll has her own story, personality and journey in life, just like you. The girls experience life differently depending on where and when they were born!


Because of their differences, not every doll is the same— wouldn’t it be fun to learn which doll is most like you?


Read through the dolls and their personalities below to find out which American Girl is just like you!


Molly McIntire


1Via American Girl


Molly has an inner strength and a feisty heart. Her father is off fighting the war and she misses him every day. Molly hates turnips, math class and swimming underwater— but she’s an amazing tap dancer, and yearns to be her own person, an original. If you’re a Molly McIntire, you stare out windows, daydreaming, and you love to go on adventures with your friends. You crave conversation and laughter, and you know how to seize the moment every day! People often call you a “chatterbox” and tell you to “come back down to earth” because your mind is way up there in the clouds!


Julie Albright


2Via American Girl

Julie Albright is all about girl power. She wants to be president one day, and she knows her fun-loving, warm-spirited nature will get her there. Julie finds inspiration from her mother who once was unemployed but then became an entrepreneur. Julie faces hardship for being different from others in her grade and dealing with her parent’s divorce. You are a Julie Albright if you stand up for peace, female empowerment, optimism and fun! You don’t let anything get you down, and you are never afraid to be yourself.


Felicity Merriman


3Via American Girl


Felicity has grown up during the Revolutionary War, making her resilient, brave, strong and bold. She isn’t very girly and everyone always tells her to be more “lady like.” Do you also get called a tom-boy? Do you love horses, adventure and let your imagination run wild? If so, your doll is definitely Felicity! You are a fun, spunky, ambitious and down-to-earth. You know what matters to you, and you don’t let anyone take that away from you!


Melody Ellison


4Via American Girl


Melody’s name derives from her family’s love for music, especially Motown. She is a civil rights activist, participating in demonstrations and sit-ins to fight for human equality. Courage like that is powerful. If you do what is right even when the situation is hard, if you cannot wait to get a college education, and if you are politically and socially active, you are definitely a Melody! You are truly are a force to be reckoned with.


Kit Kittredge


5Via American Girl


Kit grew up during the Great Depression Era, so she knows what tough times look like. She doesn’t care much about ruffles, or skirts, or dancing— she loves baseball, writing, reporting and new opportunities to do something different. She enjoys the companies of boys more than girls and loves reading and Amelia Earhart more than anything. If you can’t wait to write for a newspaper one day, have stacks of books around your room, enjoy sports, crave independence, and are often clever, you are most definitely a Kit Kittredge!


Addy Walker


6Via American Girl


Addy is one of the American Girl Dolls who has experienced hardship at a young age. She and her mother escaped slavery and had to leave behind the rest of her family for quite some time. That’s not easy! Because of this, Addy has grown up to be a kind, loving, caring and curious. She is not happy that inequality exists, and she always puts others first. If you question the status quo, are praised for your humility, hate when other people suffer, stand up for your family and wish for there to be peace in the world, Addy is your doll! You care about the world around you, and you are a supporter of kindness, empathy and fairness, and so does Addy!


Josefina Montoya


7Via American Girl


Are you gentle, kind, sensitive, and sometimes shy? You have a good, warm heart just like Josefina! Josefina is patient, thoughtful and observant. She misses her mother who passed away, and finds peacefulness in watching animals on her ranch in Santa Fe. Josefina eventually becomes a healer like her grandmother because she is able to be there for other people even when they are not there for themselves. If you are a Josefina, you love nature, calm environments, and music. You have so many ideas and thoughts, but you like to keep them to yourself. Your soul is very pure, but you also love joking around and having fun!

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