What Fictional Land Do You Belong To? Find Out Here!

Published on   Apr 29, 2020

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 Do you ever feel like you’re out of this world, or like there’s something greater waiting for you?


Perhaps it’s because you don’t actually belong to this world. This earthly society is not the right one for your heart.


Clearly, you’re a member of a fictional land, and it is now up to you to check our list below and find which one’s your home!


The Land of Oz


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Does a world with good witches and bad witches, with lions, tigers and bears “oh my,” get you excited? Does the Emerald City, right next to a poppy seed field, next to a forest make you feel like you’re in an enchanted land? If you feel right at home with living in a world where dreams, hopes and goals are the main pursuits of every person you meet— if you love taking a journey to reflect on who you are as a person and how the things we want to change maybe the things we have all along— you belong to the Land of Oz.


The Hundred Acre Woods


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If friendship, loyalty, and kindness are your top values, you’ll fit right into the Hundred Acre Woods! It doesn’t matter who you are, you will find a home and a friend within Pooh bear, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, you name it. Simple adventures like finding Eeyore’s tail, dealing with nightmares, trying to get Pooh out of a sticky situation are almost daily, but always, the woods are a place of family.


Pixie Hollow


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Do you believe in fairies? Does magic and fairy dust make you feel like you can fly? Pixie Hollow is home to hundreds of fairies that help the earth’s season and natural forces unfold every day, whether it be fast flying fairies like Vidia who help winds blow, light fairies like Iridessa who move sunshine onto flowers, or even water fairies like Silvermist who help move the dewdrops. If you love earthly elements, then welcome to Pixie Hollow!




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Captain Hook. Peter Pan. The Lost Boys. Never growing up. Fairies, mermaids and pirate-eating crocodiles. Sound familiar? It’s Neverland! If you belong here, you are a kid at heart who never ever wants to grow up. You love adventure, risk and drama-filled days whether it be saving kids from pirates, or fighting Captain Hook himself. If you believe in dreams and in fun-loving, memorable experiences, Neverland is the home for you!




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Does your hand feel empty without a wand? Do you constantly wonder whether you’d be in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Gryffindor? Have you always wanted to compete in Quidditch, as the Seeker like Harry Potter did? You better get ready to go to King’s Cross Station and take the Hogwarts Express where your wizard training awaits!




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If you believe in the fantastical, the weird, and the crazy, Wonderland is here for you. This home is not for those who are afraid. The Red Queen is scary and mean and can easily take ou down. But you have the Mad Hatter and the White Queen on your side, and a whole world of wonder, and excitement galore. Are you ready for the adventures?

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