What Color Would Your Tail Be If You Were A True Mermaid

Published Oct 16, 2020

By  Tevaites Fearnley

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While Disney’s iconic The Little Mermaid may be the first thing that comes to mind, mermaids have been around a long time. Hans Cristian Anderson wrote the famous fairytale back in 1836! Even today, the famous statue dominates the Copenhagen harbor, looking after the ships and the city both. Mermaids have existed in folklore since ancient times, evoking beauty, magic and fantasy. 

Otherworldly, powerful, and beautiful, they dominate our stories and dreams. What mermaid would you be? With this simple quiz, you’ll know what dash of magic your sparkly tail will bring to the party.

1. Purple

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Do you feel like royalty wherever you go? Is emotional security and helping others deeply important to you? Are you too much of an individual to conform, or a creative soul who likes the freedom to dream? Those who like to flaunt their uniqueness and stand out from the crowd will claim a sparkling purple tail of their own. You might be a little bit of a perfectionist, or maybe an unconquerable free spirit, but you’re always unique and your intuition helps those around you.

2. Orange

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Bold and bright, your mermaid tail is as outgoing as you are! If you’re the social butterfly who’s packed full of energy, warmth, and enthusiasm, you’ll be rocking that orange at every event. If your happiness and warmth are your best characteristics, and you love to put an optimistic spin on everything, your social vibe will match your vibrant tail. That doesn’t mean you’re just a party girl, though. Orange tails love seeking clarity in every situation, and they’re balanced and sensible at heart.

3. Blue

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Are you a serene queen? Then you’re probably rocking a blue tail! As calm as the ocean lapping a palm-fringed beach, as cool as a dip in the sea, and as serene as a morning walk in the crisp coastal air, your sense of peace and tranquility is almost infectious. Easy going, reliable and cool as a cucumber, your fellow mermaids want to be you- or at least be seen on the beach with you!

4. Red

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Those with red tails are bold, bright, and daring. You’re packed full of confidence, extroverted and bubbly, and people flock to your charismatic behavior. Life’s a non-stop fiesta with a red-tailed mermaid in the group, and you’re the soul of the party wherever you go. That doesn’t stop you from being a loyal, passionate friend, willing to always stand up for what’s right and protect those you love.

5. Pink

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A dash of shyness, a sprinkle of creativity, and a lot of love. That’s the core of the pink-tailed mermaid! You’re a friend people cherish and a willing shoulder to cry on, no matter what. You’re everyone’s biggest cheerleader, as happy to see friends succeed as you are when you succeed yourself. With your gentle, loving heart, you’re also witty and smart, and people just enjoy hanging around with you. Sometimes you feel like you should hide how much of a dreamer you are, but you shouldn’t- we need your soft and gentle vibe!

6. Green

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There’s a little bit of spring in every green tailed mermaid, and your perspectives are always fresh and filled with promise. You’re nurturing and kind, and love wandering off to explore nature and the world around you. Practical in a crisis, you’re down-to-earth (despite living in the sea) and always know how to get the job done. You know how to rock a work-life balance like a pro, and when to take time off in nature to restore your batteries. An innovative problem solver, you think out of the box, and you’re always willing to help those around you.

7. Yellow

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Cheerful and adventurous is the name of the game with yellow tailed mermaids. They love to play, and your optimistic nature makes every day an adventure. Despite such a vibrant personality, you also have a calming effect on those around you, and they enjoy your playful spirit. Your smile is infectious and you spread happiness in your wake, bringing everyone’s inner child to the surface.

8. Silver

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You bring a little sparkle wherever you go, but that doesn’t mean people should underestimate you! You’re a bold risk-taker, and you command respect wherever you go. To be brutally honest, you’re a little intimidating, but your friends know you are strong and trustworthy. When others fall, you’re the first one helping them back to their feet. While you can be a little too serious, and occasionally way too impulsive, you’re kind at heart and use your strength to stand up for others. With your silver sophistication to light the way, you’re going places fast!

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Which beautiful mermaid tail matches you the best? Each vibrant color brings its own special twist to the table, and every mermaid has a story to tell.