What Character From Shrek Are You Based on Your Personality? Find Out Here!

Published Apr 29, 2020

By  Laura Zaks

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In the land of Duloc, there exist many fantastical creatures whether it’s the three blind mice, talking donkeys, Pinocchio, or quite a grumpy ogre who never let anyone into his swamp!


No one gets tired of the story with a twist— a princess who found love outside of the standard Prince Charming.


Find out who you are in the classic tale that is DreamWorks Pictures’ Shrek!




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Are you often grumpy because people misunderstand you or don’t respect your space? Do you like to be alone most of the time, but also have a special place in your heart for a select few people who bring out the best in you? You just might be Shrek! He has been isolated in his swamp by choice, but also because people are afraid of him and label him. If you ever feel like an outcast to society but with a heart of strength and kindness that you use to prove people wrong, you and Shrek are like twins!




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Do you ever feel like you live a double life? Are you keeping some sort of secret from people because you feel like they won’t accept you if they find out? Do you ever look forward to something so much you feel like you’ve waited your whole life for it to come true? Fiona was cursed to turn into an ogre when the sun goes down, but in growing in love with Shrek and spending time with him and Donkey, she learned to love all parts of herself. If you ever learned that love is more powerful than anything, including the love you have for yourself, then you’re just like Fiona!


Puss in Boots


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We all heard of “puppy dog eyes,” but Puss in Boots has set a whole new standard. He knows how to turn on the cuteness or switch into full fighter mode. He is clever, loyal, heroic, and charming, and always ready for adventure. If you are ever able to distract people with one side of your personality in order to get what you want, but still have a heart and soul full of depth, you and Puss in Boots are one in the same!


Lord Farquaad


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Lord Farquaad aims to live a life of control, getting anything and everything he wants. Are you someone who likes to control the future? Do you like to force people into giving you what you want? Would you rather have someone else do the work for you, while you reap the benefits? You and Lord Farquaad both amass a lot of power and have many people loyal to you. Just be careful when there’s a dragon in your midst!  




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If you are a talkative, optimistic, and loyal friend— someone who brings joy, conversation, and light everywhere you go— then Donkey is your spirit animal! You both love to fill the day asking questions, getting to know people, and feeding your curiosity. You like to talk the talk as well as walk the walk— no day is boring with you!




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If you are often scared or worrisome, you share common core traits with Gingy! You are a very friendly, loving person, and you swallow your fear when it’s time to fight for what you believe in, or when you know you have to stick up for your friends. Even when people try to take advantage of you, you rely on your inner strength to push through and persevere. Your personality is very sweet— just like gingerbread!


Magic Mirror


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Do you ever feel like you can tell the future? Do people often come to you for help or advice? You and the Magic Mirror share that mysterious, all-knowing quality. People rely on you probably too much to tell them what they want to hear, but don’t forget to also take time for yourself and not let people drain you! You are full of magic— never forget that!