Ever Want To Know Which Incredibles 2 Character You Are? Click Here To Find Out!

Published on   Apr 03, 2020


We all thought there could be no greater movie than the Incredibles. How could a sequel ever capture the wonder, action, drama, romance and suspense of arguably the greatest Pixar movie of all time?


But the Incredibles 2 blew our expectations out of the water. There was even more wonder, action, drama, romance and suspense than the first along with key themes of female empowerment and family dynamics.


Which of the Incredibles 2 characters are you? Find out below!


Mr. Incredible


1Via Huffington Post


Do you rely on strength, bravery, and independence? Do you crave moments where you prove to the world who you are and what you are made of? Are you able to tackle any circumstance whether it be hunting down bad criminals, saving your family or just taking care of an out-of-control baby? You, dear reader, are Mr. Incredible.




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Were you ever overlooked in your past, or found yourself hiding in the shadow of someone else’s limelight or power? Did you recently—finally— get noticed for your amazing abilities, only to realize it was all a trick to once again be in the shadow of someone else? Elastigirl is a strong, motivated, motherly, and brave woman who has a good head on her shoulders. She is smart, quick and flexible, working hard to be a role model for her daughter and sons. Do you relate? If so, you’re Elastigirl!


Edna Mode


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Do people often tell you that you’re blunt, sassy, and tough— but all with a sweet side? Do you HATE capes? Are you always there to help a friend in need, and work best in creative, productive, independent and innovative environments. Your superpower is designing and making something extraordinary out of the ordinary. If you are a symbol of female prowess, you are Edna Mode!


Evelyn Deaver


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Do you hate relying on others for help? Are you often told that you are sneaky, clever and mysterious? Or maybe, you’ve even been told you’re manipulative? If you’re an Evelyn Deaver, you despise when people cannot help themselves or put so much faith in something that never makes them top priority, like when her parents relied on superheroes for help and it failed. Do you have a plan— a vision— to change the world in the way you see fit? Evelyn Deaver and you are like one!




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Are you the most reliable friend in the world? Do you enjoy the cold and everything that freezing something has to offer? Are you a wiz at ice skates and distracting people? Are you always there to help someone in need, even if it means putting yourself in danger? If you are Frozone, you are probably a water sign as you know your way around moisture and ice.




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Do you have a huge crush on a guy at school, and recently got the confidence to tell him how you feel? Are you an introvert who also has learned how to climb out of her own shell, and show the world what she is truly made of? Do you love purple force fields and are an older sister in the family? If so, your bravery might have been in the limelight, but not anymore. You own your powers! You’re Violet!



7Via Disney Wiki


When superheroes were banned, Voyd had to learn how to hide her powers. It takes a lot of inner strength to hide who you are from the world. Do you ever feel like you can’t fully be yourself or like you have to hide? Do you feel a power inside you that is different and special? Have you noticed your ability to see more than what is there, or to redirect certain energies? Voyd has dimensional teleportation and has a sense of bravery and loyalty. Plus, she’s a big fan of Elastigirl! If you are any of the above, you’re Voyd!




8Via Uncle Poster


Is speed your middle name? Do you struggle in school, but see yourself zipping across the world, onto one adventure and the next, and the next, because you have a boundless spirit and energy? Are you never afraid of danger or bad guys or evil, because you know you’re powerful enough— fast enough— to getaway? You... are Dash!




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Have people often told you that you’re unpredictable and difficult to handle? Do you give your parents a boatload of trouble? Do you find yourself feeling one emotion and then moving onto the next in less than two seconds? Do you possess the potential to be the greatest superhero of all time, given all your special talents? You’re not just good at one thing, but literally everything. You, dear reader, are Jack-Jack!

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