9 Amazing Hidden Details In Your Favorite Pixar Films That Bring The Magic To Life!

Published on   Mar 27, 2020

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Most people know that Pixar films have hidden Easter eggs within their films, but they often go one step further and add tiny details that often go straight over most people’s heads! We’ve found our favorite hidden details for you to look for in your next re-watch, so get ready to binge!


1. In Toy Story, Woody is helping captive by a heavy toolbox on top of the crate he is trapped in. If you look closely at the toolbox, its brand is the fictional “Binford”. Why do we care? Because Woody is rescued by Buzz, voiced by Tim Allen, who starred in the TV show Home Improvement whose main brand is – you guessed it – Binford!


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2. Toy Story is literally full of hidden details, but here is another of our favorites – the bookshelf behind Woody as he addresses all of Andy’s toys is packed with titles of Pixar short films, such as The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. So fun!


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3. Pixar loves Chinese takeout food! In several of their films, Pixar has used the exact same Chinese takeout box, including Monsters Inc., Inside Out, Ratatouille and A Bugs Life to name a few!

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4. In the film Coco, you can see pinatas shaped like other characters, including Mike Wazowski, Woody and Buzz!

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5. When watching Monsters Inc, you might notice Boo holding a familiar-looking clownfish. The fun part? Finding Nemo didn’t come out until two years after Monsters Inc!

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6. Inside Out holds many different imaginary worlds full of important details. Did you notice that the cards in Riley’s imagination look like her and her family? And does anyone feel like a game of finding Nemo?


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7. In Cars 2, we see an ad for an insurance company “Insuricare” – the same company that Bob works for in The Incredibles!


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8. In Brave, Merida visits an old woodcarver (witch)’s house. If you look closely, you might notice Sully in the woodwork!


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9. When Flik enters Bug City in A Bugs Life, look closely at the advertising of the metropolis and you will notice a Lion King advertisement!

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