10 Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Published on   Nov 12, 2020

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The phrase no one remembers the 90s like the 90s’ kids has been on the internet for a while. Many things happened in the 90s that a lot of us remembers – from the grunge and pop music charts to new game boy consoles. These are just tiny fractions of how 90s went down. Still, it is easy to forget all the things that were made in the 90s. So, here is a list of ten things that made 90’s utterly unique and awesome.

1. Always Having A Capri Sun In Your Lunch Box

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Capri Suns were a revolutionary invention for us kids in the 90s. They are straight-up delicious and convenient, with their foil casing. Still, opening the juice without jamming your straw is a bit tricky and needs practice.

2. Building Up A Serious Doll Collection.

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If you are a 90s kid, we can all remember our massive serious doll collection, whether it’s troll dolls or American girl doll, it’s certain you have one. Dolls were everything to you back in the day. However, Barbies or Bratz Doll only became a sensation in the 2000s. So as a kid in the ‘90s, you probably spent your day brushing your impossible Troll Doll’s hair or having great adventures with your American Girl Doll.

3. The Pain Of Seeing Your Tamagotchi Die

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When we were kids, Tamagotchi is like the PlayStation of our time. These digital pets, which was first sold in Japan in 1996, rapidly became a global sensation following their worldwide release.

Most kids in the ‘90s got these needy little keychain creatures and it has been a delight. So, we begged and begged our parents to get us one. It seems like a good idea at the time – a pet that you can bring anywhere. It’s a pet that you did not have to clean up after.

Still, there will be days that you will forget to play with it. After two days, most of us forget to feed it. So, who doesn’t remember the crushing feeling of finding out that their Tamagochi had died.

4. Having Your Own Beanie Babies Collection Makes You A Millionaire.

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In the 90s, it was crucial to have at least one of these soft and floppy toys. Who doesn’t want to have one? It’s cute, fluffy, and believed to cost more than they are. After all, some of them could be worth a lot of money. Most ‘90s kids believed that collecting Beanie Babies will make them Millionaires in the future. Those limited-edition bears and turtles with tags still on would be worth a fortune – or, so they believe.

5. Thinking The Game Boy Color Was The Pinnacle Of Tech Innovation

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We all remember that kids who got Game Boy in the ‘90s were awesome. But the only thing cooler than having a Game Boy in the 90s is having a Game Boy Color.


While it may seem a bit dinky by today’s console, having the Game Boy Color in the ‘90s means a lot. Imaging seeing Kirby in his full bubblegum-pink color or eating the bright red mushroom in the Super Mario. Overall, Game Boy Color was truly a life-changing gadget for most kids in the ‘90s. In fact, you probably saved your allowance for months so that you can buy this awesome console.

6. Practicing The Macarena In The Mirror

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If you have no idea what Macarena is, did you really live through the ‘90s? Macarena has been a sensation in the ‘90s, despite the song being created by two old men. “The Macarena” was awesome and still is. The dance moves were doable, even a baby could do it perfectly.

7. The Slap Bracelet Ban

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Who doesn’t remember having this metal slap bracelet ban that occasionally leave marks on your wrist? Sure, they might just be tape measure wrapped in cloth or stickers. Still, you definitely cried losing one of these babies when your teacher confiscated it as it deemed to be too dangerous in the classroom. Even so, these slap bracelets are 100% available in almost all stores all over the world.


8. Using The Internet For The First Time.

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The World Wide Web or internet is a big part of our lives today. It was technically invented in 1989, but only took off on the start of the ‘90s. While having easy access to the internet today, who doesn’t remember using it for the first time in the ‘90s? Remember when you had to use dial-up and it took forever to load websites. You practically have to wait for hours to download music on your computer. Still, there is something that we probably miss when using internet in the ‘90s. Whether it is your download failing to continue or your mom picking up the phone.

9. Getting the Last Copy of a Movie at Blockbuster

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Everyone probably remembers going to Blockbuster to get a rental movie. But we all know that feeling we have when you are eager to go to the store as fast as you can just to get the last copy of the movie you’ve been wanting to see. The is always this feeling of joy when you went to the Blockbuster, seeing your favorite movie on the shelves and realizing that it is the last one they have.

10. Gearing Up For Y2K

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Remember when everyone was preparing for the start of 2000s? No one knew what will happen at the midnight of January 1, 2000. People completely freaked out – on the worry that the internet might crash or computer frying. Still, nothing happened when the ball dropped at the midnight of 2000s.

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