Which Personality Types Are You In ''Among Us''

Published on   Dec 10, 2020

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In general, the COVID-19 pandemic has been bad for business. However, there are some companies who actually managed to thrive in the crisis because of the unique nature of their products. One of these companies is Innersloth, the American gaming studio that gave us Among Us.

This online game has provided a perfect outlet for people who are stuck at home because of the lockdowns. Its cross-platform compatibility has also made it easy for people to download and install the game. It's a fun activity that has generated a lot of memes on the Internet (generally a good indicator of how popular a game has become).

But because you can play with strangers, you're bound to encounter different personalities during a match. As if finding the Impostor wasn't hard enough!

Take a look at some of the types of players that you'll encounter during Among Us games. Are you one of them?

1 - The Chieftain

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No matter how small the societal grouping, there's always someone who likes to take charge and call the shots. In the context of Among Us, this person likes to lead the investigations while trying to make sure that everyone is okay.

If you're playing the impostor, this is one player you'd like to eliminate. But these types of players usually play conservatively and like having people around them. They're also quick to press the emergency button.

2 - The Sleuth

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Did you ever meet someone who had the unnerving ability to just collect a lot of information and make conclusions no ordinary person would have arrived at? That's the Investigator. This person has excellent deduction and reasoning skills. Perhaps not on a par with Sherlock Holmes but playing an Impostor against this person will be difficult if not futile.

3 - The Clueless One

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It's almost inevitable that you're going to run across someone who has no idea what's going on. Either they're new to the game and still trying to figure things out or they're busy watching Netflix on another monitor. Either way, they're very inconvenient teammates, somtimes even failing to report any corpses that they may be passing by.

As an Impostor, they're even worse. If Mr. Bean was an Impostor, you could probably a whole movie out of his misadventures in Among Us. At least it'll be hilarious.

4 - The Supervisor

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Remember the manager at your office who keeps saying, "Chop, chop!"? The one who likes to drop a to-do list on your lap before you've even reached your desk? Yeah, this type of player is pretty much the same with a definite routine already mapped out in their head and everyone should have something to do. It's all about efficiency, slackers need not apply.

5 - The Saint

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This person couldn't tell a lie to save their life. They're probably really honest in real life or simply don't want to be seen as untruthful. They are generally reliable teammates but they make bad Impostors for obvious reasons. The only upside to that is that the game will end quickly and everyone can move on to the next match.

6 - The Serial Accuser

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The name says it all and these players look at everyone through jaded eyes. But they'll be the ones who will be talking the most to the Chieftain and the Investigator about who must be "sus." But unless they're psychic, there's a 50-50 chance they're wrong. That means that if they play an Impostor they can either masterfully divert everyone's attention or immediately get caught. And if they are part of the crew, they're in danger of getting tuned out.

7 - The Perpetual Impostor

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Although Impostors are randomly assigned, some people become Impostors more than others. But it goes beyond that. Some people are devilishly good at the role and relish becoming one. If you get two of these types of players in one match, expect a new game to start in short order. Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was a killer and you'd get the idea.

Virtual embodiment of Hannibal Lecter aside, in real life these people are actually stable and cool to be with. Although given their in-game skill, it's probably not a good idea to get on their bad side.

8 - The Forgetful One

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Assign more than one task to this person and more than likely they will forget to do the rest of them. In fact, they might even forget to do the first task! One advantage for the crew is that if this type of player becomes the Impostor, they're just as likely to forget how to sabotage a piece of equipment and probably even bungle trying to kill off one of the crew.

The same holds true if this player is one of your crew teammates. They'll probably scratch their heads instead of giving you answer, not because they're trying to deceive but because they simply forgot the details!

9 - The Chameleon

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These players are the ultimate when it comes to meta-gaming. They can easily assume whatever role that is needed if there's no one else to step up. That means they can easily fill the shoes of the team leader if no one is calling the shots or help investigating if they need an analytical mind. Suffice to say, they also make frightening Impostors, acting to subtly blame any mishaps on Clueless or Forgetful players and divert any attention from themselves.

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