Minecraft Fun Facts You Need To Know!

Published on   Sep 22, 2021

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Minecraft is a famous game around the world with its popularity being between kids as well as adults! The first Minecraft alpha build was released exactly 11 years ago and now the game has turned into a bestselling game of all time with over 200 million copies being sold. 


Here are some fun and unknown facts about your favorite game!


Minecraft’s original name was ‘cave game’!

When Minecraft was still in the improvement process the creators referred to it as ‘cave game’, but it was later altered to be known as ‘Minecraft: Order of the stone’ and finally just Minecraft.


Minecraft was just a modest bedroom project!

It is a lesser-known fact that Minecraft started as a modest bedroom project. Markus Persson is the founder of Minecraft when the game was created he did not believe that the game would be as successful as it is today; nevertheless, it soon gained popularity within the gaming community once it was uploaded on the forum.


Upon the release, Minecraft was an instant hit!

Mojang studios developed Minecraft back in the year 2009. It was an immediate hit at launch and was grabbed on by many people. Almost six years after the launch in 2014 it was bought by Microsoft and 50 million copies of Minecraft were sold all over the world!


Minecraft was inspired by your favorite games!

Minecraft creator took inspiration from several PC video games such  Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Infiniminer and tried resembling the RPG style gameplay and aesthetics of these games.


Microsoft bought Minecraft!

It is speculation the reason Microsoft bought Minecraft was due to the hike of sales in its Windows phone platform though this has never been verified by Microsoft. Its popularity on Android and IOS but there was no variant of it on the windows store. 


Minecraft was created only in 6 days!

Markus Persson the Minecraft creator wanted to create a sandbox game that helped you explore the virtual world easily and organically. On May 10 of 2009, he started working on this project for the launch of his new company Mojang AB and finished shaping the product in increments till May 16. The very next day public debut of the Alpha version of Minecraft was made!


Persona thought the responsibility of owning a company was too much!

When the 2.5 billion acquisition sale was done Persona was not on board with it, as he did not desire the “responsibility of owning a company of such global significance.”. During the acquisition, he said, “the pressure of owning Minecraft became too much for him to handle.”

Minecraft is the most popular gaming video on YouTube!

As we all know the gaming community on YouTube is very popular and has a huge fan base. In YouTube rewind, 2019 according to video stats GTA videos had 40 billion views while Fortnite had 60.9 billion views but coming on the top spot was Minecraft videos with more than 100.2 billion views!


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