I Bet You Don't Know These 8 Hogwarts Mystery Tips And Tricks

By  Selina
Published on   Sep 21, 2021

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The first of its kind, this Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game allows you to live through your very own Hogwarts experience. Imagine being a wizard attending Hogwarts and transitioning through the seven different years while learning spells, how to fly, play quidditch, and brew some extraordinary potions! However, many players, we mean students, have complained about Hogwarts Mystery, the hours of anticipation for a potion to brew, and numerous inaccurate details in the game. That's why we're here to talk about all the tips and tricks you should use in Hogwarts Mystery to actually enjoy the game and live through Harry Potter's eyes.

Want to get into all the tips and tricks and hack Hogwarts Mystery through tips and tricks? We list all of them for you.

1) When offered a reward, always reach for the gems

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During the Hogwarts Mystery game, you're prompted by numerous rewards. Once you complete quests and level up and trust us, you should always grab those gems. The gems are the most valuable rewards you will get throughout the Harry Potter game. Our little tip? Be patient and always take those precious gems.

2) Turn those buzzing notifications on

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We recommend you always keep the Hogwarts Mystery notification on, and trust us, it is a fantastic hack. Why you ask? Because one of the most annoying things in this game is the wait for your energy levels to fill up. We're pretty sure none of you are draining their batteries, just waiting for that to fill. 

3) Steal some energy!

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Our resources tell us that there is quite an easy way to grab some energy throughout the Hogwarts Mystery game through the elves. Whenever you see a house-elf, tap on that puny creature, and you'll earn some energy! Other resources you can tap are an armor suit in the Great Hall and a blank portrait in the East Towers! Keep track of the time because these items will reset every 6 hours, so you can always come back for more!

4) Know what to say

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By that, we mean to make sure you choose the proper sentences when you're having a dialogue with a fellow friend, a professor, or anyone else. We are well aware that sometimes the dialogues can be tedious or lengthy, but you should think according to the house you're in. If you're a Ravenclaw, feel like one and trust us, that will boost your points and win you the House Cup!

5) Trick to restart Hogwarts Mystery

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Tired of the game? Then this Harry Potter cheat is for you. Do not get optimistic and just uninstall the game, because trust us, that does not work. If you want to change the course of your Hogwarts Mystery character, you will have to turn off the WIFI, open up the game, and then you will be prompted with an error message. That's when you should turn on the WIFI and just start the whole game over. 

6) Stop skipping those ads

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Sure, we all hate those 30-second advertisements that keep popping up, but it's different in Hogwarts Mystery. You should get through those 30 boring seconds and be rewarded with some replenished energy levels! Otherwise, you will have to wait for 30 minutes to restore that amount of energy back. In perspective, 30 seconds is way less time-consuming than those 30 minutes!

7) Get curious and go hunting!

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Hunt for all those Easter eggs lying around. By that, we mean interacting with any object and character you bump in during the game because you never know what rewards are waiting for you! This little tip is quite annoying as you'll have to pay attention to small clues throughout Hogwarts Mystery. We know Harry Potter would be annoyed by this, but would you?

8) Be a nerd

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Just like the real Hogwarts, Hogwarts Mystery is not that much easier. Bury your nose in those books and turn into our adorable little Hermione and focus during all those lessons. Learn how to do spells, take those flying lessons, and brew potions to increase your skills and level you up. This hack will prepare you for whatever tasks lie ahead of you. Think of what Harry Potter would do; learn everything he can before the battle arises.

These are our top tips and trick to master Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery with flying colors! The most frustrating thing about the game is all the waiting around, so just play it smart and learn how to be patient, make friends, keep an eye out on anything weird around you, and keep earning those gems!

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