8 Minecraft Tips That Will Make You A Gaming Pro Today!

Published on   Oct 21, 2020

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Minecraft may have started from seriously humble beginnings, but years of updates, tweaks, and one high profile Microsoft buy-out later, it’s now one of the most iconic gaming franchises in existence. One could even say it was generation-defining! It may be surprising that those blocky fake 8-bit textures appeal to so many people, but there’s no doubt it does. While there’s plenty of skilled pros out there, there’s also new faces joining every day, and the complexity of the modern game can be a little intimidating.

Luckily for you, dedicated fans have been exploring this game's easter eggs and secrets along the way, and there’s tons of nifty tricks you can use to amp up your gaming experience. We couldn’t possibly let you know everything in one place, there’s so many! With new mobs and items pouring in every update, a veteran may even find a tip or two in this nifty guide to some Minecraft secrets every player should know. Don’t be afraid to explore on your own, too!

1. Fuel everything with lava buckets


Did you just stumble close to a lava source? Keep it marked! Collect as much lava as you can in buckets, because it makes a great furnace fuel. It also lasts for ages. You’ll need to keep some lava to make the rare block, obsidian, too. Basically, lava is your friend as long as you don’t fall in it, and you're going to want to keep as much as possible.

2. The Halloween Head

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If you spot a player with a pumpkin on their head, you’d probably think it’s just for Halloween- but it’s not! Endermen will not attack you (even if you attack them) with this nifty disguise on your head. It’s not that out there in the lore, either. They attack based on eye contact, which you won’t have with the pumpkin as a mask. So they won’t fight you if you don’t look at them- how kind!

3. Not just a pet

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Talking about things that keep you safe, a cat isn’t just a cute pet! Your little feline buddy will also keep all the creepers at bay, meaning you’ll never find an unpleasant explosive surprise waiting for you while farming. Give Mr. Fluffy an extra pet for being such a good kitty!

4. Breathe underwater

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Well, this is more of an emergency way to get some air than actually breathing underwater, but it will still have your back in an emergency. Simply take a pile of torches with you when you dive. When you place a torch on a block, you will create a little bubble of air for a while. You’ll have to stand super close to benefit, but it will get you a few breaths and let you keep exploring.

5. The amazing wooden slab

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You probably think of wood as very flammable, but in Minecraft, it needn’t be! While in other places you’d probably want to avoid sparks around open flames, in case all your hard work burned to the ground, that’s not the case in Minecraft. Here, you will want to use wooden slabs. You get all the benefits of that pretty wood texture, but it won’t burn. We promise. Not even a little.

6. Water forever and ever

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Who wouldn’t want an everlasting water source? Especially if you happen to be trying your hand at farming. Simply dig a 2 by 2 hole one square deep somewhere you’d like to store your water. Pour one bucket of water in the top left corner and it will spill on down. Then fill in from the bottom right corner. With those 2 buckets of water, you will have made you own infinite water source.

7. Know what to use your gold on

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Pro tip: it isn’t tools! Making tools and weapons of gold is just a waste. Even your wooden tools will last longer than these flimsy gold tools. Even if you think they look cool, there’s a far better way to use this precious resource. Golden apples will heal you right up, no matter what hurts, and can be made from this resource instead.

8. Water, water everywhere

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Just like in real life, you’re going to want to keep a stock of water buckets on hand. Water will save your life, especially if you mine. It quenches lava, helps you descend steep inclines, and even escape some monsters. Throwing it will help you create some extra distance between you and that oncoming mob. Wherever you go, make sure you have a few water buckets with you. You won’t be sorry.

Minecraft is a game that delights almost everyone, young and old, and is surprisingly family-friendly too. With these clever Minecraft tips under your belt, why not give the game a try today? And don’t forget to take along your torches and water buckets!

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