8 Awesome Tips To Help You Win In Among Us As A Crewmate

Published on   Nov 21, 2020

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The gaming world has seen its fair share of blockbuster games this year. All things considered, the new kid on the Block, Among Us, has taken the term overnight hit to a whole new level. Barely 6 months ago, nobody knew what Among Us was all about. But after a famous Twitch streamer boasting of over 2 billion followers started playing it, every gamer wants a piece of it. 

In the game, a player is either an imposter or a crewmate. A crewmate’s main mission is to complete all the assigned missions and identify the imposter before the Imposter has a chance of killing them. The two teams comprise 7 to 10 crewmates and 1 to 3 imposters. While there is an obvious number disadvantage to the Imposters, winning is not as easy as it seems. Since the game selects crewmates and Imposters randomly, you’re bound to be a crewmate at some point. If you get selected to be a crewmate, it’s only logical that you’d want to know how to win the game successfully. In light of that, we compiled a list of 8 awesome tips to help you win as a crewmate.

Walk In Groups

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Just like in horror movies, there is always safety in numbers. With a killer on the prowl, the best way to protect yourselves is by sticking together. This is because a killer can’t assassinate more than one person unless, of course, two imposters pair up. The number of people in a particular group sorely depends on the number of imposters. If there are 2 imposters, make sure you are part of a group of at least 5 crewmates. 


Use Emergency Meetings Wisely

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Emergency meetings are commonly used as a platform for identifying who the killer is. However, some players call emergency meetings that add no value to the imposter hunt. So, whether or not a murder has occurred, always use emergency meetings to better the team. Furthermore, the more successful crewmates have been found to use meetings to strategize on ways to get the imposter. It’s also not uncommon for meetings to turn into screaming contests with accusations flying in left, right, and center. 


Never Ignore Sabotage Events

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With the imposter hiding in plain sight, always be on the lookout for players trying to sabotage team efforts. The one thing you’ll notice is that almost every crewmate ignores sabotage. With this kind of mindset, it’s easy for the imposter to gain the upper hand. So, if you notice sabotage happening, always take it upon yourself to fix the sabotage. But, always remember that the imposter is always a step ahead of you and might be using sabotage to lure you into a trap. 


Check Task Progress

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To gain your trust, the imposter will try to pretend to be attending to tasks. If you happen to find a player at the task location, always confirm that they are indeed performing the task. The thing to look out for is the progress bar because all completed tasks will be highlighted there. Since an imposter cannot complete a task, the player you find idle in the task room is most certainly the imposter.


Check Out the Vents

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Every imposter is always on the lookout for easy prey. And when we say easy prey, we mean easy kills with fast getaways. The prime locations for fast getaways are usually near the vents. So, always keep an eye on Electrical and Security vents in The Skel map as these are usually prime killing locations.


Be Sure During the Vote

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There is usually this trend of crewmates voting out the first player mentioned as the potential imposter. While it can sometimes be true, in some cases, the assumption is always wrong. Early in the game, the clues are usually scarce, and more often than not, the vote fails miserably. If you are ever in doubt about the imposter, try and skip the count. On the other hand, if there is some serious evidence presented against the player, feel free to vote them off. 


Check Out Whether the Kill Is Fresh

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Sometimes you’ll find yourself being the first one to arrive at the scene of a fresh kill. To know whether the kill is fresh, check whether the player is standing or lying down. If the player is still standing, then the kill is fresh, and there might be a huge possibility that the killer is lurking around. The first suspect should be the last person you passed before finding the body. 


Check The Rooms

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Sometimes, bodies take forever before they are identified. This is usually because most crewmates worry more about the tasks at hand. When heading towards the task location, look at the rooms along the way to see if there are dead bodies in them. If your crew takes time before finding a dead body, they give the imposter more time to kill again, and by that time, the evidence will have vanished. 

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