16 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Exploring Genshin Impact’s Sumeru Region!

Published on   Aug 31, 2022


The new puzzles and challenges make full use of Dendro element powers


Genshin Impact released its fourth major open-world region last week, and there have been significant additions to how open world travel works in Sumeru. After combing the new region for dozens of hours, I’ve come up with an essential, actionable list to make sure that you’re making the most out of your adventures in Sumeru.


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1. Enter Sumeru through the small opening in Cinnabar Cliff


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The newest region of Genshin isn't actually explained to you in the game; it was off limits until the most recent update. Don't make the same mistake I did. I attempted to enter Sumeru by climbing the enormous rocks, but I wound myself quite a distance from the initial primary quest sign. Instead, teleport to Cinnabar Cliff's westernmost tip. You can enter the little cavern opening and walk right up to your destination.


 2. Use the four-leaf sigil as frequently as you can


You may have seen several blinking lights with a vine icon as you were moving around Sumeru. You can instantly fly there by facing these sigils and hitting T (or the smallest button if you're on a mobile device). These are helpful for more than just shortening your walking distance; they may also put you directly over Hilichurls who are firing at you from tall towers or transport you to locations that are inaccessible by other means of transportation.


You can also spawn some secret four-leaf sigils by casting Dendro powers on one of these flowers with the protruding stamens:


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3. Climb near the yellow flowers


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If you must ascend, look out for little yellow flowers on certain rock walls. You won't need to search your bag for food in the middle of your ascension because they renew your stamina if you touch them. This implies that you are free to use the jump key to climb more quickly rather than gradually saving your energy for the final push up. The flowers are helpful for identifying which cliffs should be scaled, which can be challenging in open world games where you can climb anything.


4. Shock green mushrooms to jump higher


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You'll find green mushroom pads all everywhere that will let you jump farther. However, there's still more! The mushroom will enable you to jump even further if you assault it with an attack of the Electro element. The majority of mushrooms don't require charging. However, if you need to jump a long far, try electrocuting the mushroom first. If you light the mushrooms on fire, they lose air as well. Dendro attacks can be used to return them to their original state if that occurs.


Synchronize your main character with Dendro and actually use them


Yes, I do realise. The main character is never used by actual gacha players. Dendro Traveler, though, is actually very good. Their Elemental Skill has a very low cooldown, and their Elemental Burst strike deals AoE damage over a reasonably long period of time. Invest on a couple talent levels at the very least. If you're not going to roll for Tighnari, I can assure you that you won't regret it.


5. Grab Collei as soon as possible


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You require a Dendro character since Sumeru contains many Dendro-based riddles. Yes, you can change your primary character at a Statue of the Seven to the Dendro element. But using Collei's bow only makes hitting Dendro switches from a distance that more simpler. If you're saving primos for the gacha, don't worry; you can get Collei for nothing by completing the sidequest "The Unappreciated Carving." Once you reach Port Ormos, you can begin this quest. You should complete this task as quickly as you can because delaying it will prevent you from moving forward with the main quest.


6. Bring a bow user for the archery puzzles (even if you don’t have Collei)


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You can come across some flying circles with the Dendro icon in the middle as you journey. Additionally, there are flower buds that, upon interaction, will release Dendrograna. Shoot these circles while your character is holding Dendrograna in order to open the treasure chest connected to these puzzles. Any bow user, not just Dendro characters like Tighnari or Collei, can tackle these tasks.


7. Unseal Ruin Guards at your own peril


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Ruin Guards aren't all that much harder to kill than regular Guards, but you do have to go through a few more stages. Use Pyro element strikes on their binding stones to break their seals. If you have trouble noticing the green lines, simply follow them.


8. Be careful of grayish areas with red flowers


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You'll learn about a phenomenon called the Withering during the main campaign. As the name suggests, this is the point at which the plants begin to, well, wither. And the indigenous animals becomes very hostile. As you stay in the region, decay bars (which are visible above your health bar) will build up, so make sure to leave if you've been there too long. Your resistance to all types of harm is likewise lowered in these places.


9. Bring a bow user to Withering zones


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Locate a flower bud that produces Dendrograna, interact with it, and it will cleanse the Withering zones. Once these whirling specks are around your character, perform a charged attack (hold normal attack) to strike the tainted red branches. If you're at range, this is considerably simpler. When you successfully clear the corrupted branches, they will nevertheless additionally launch an AoE assault at you. Be prepared to dodge as you attack by doing so right away. After striking the three principal branches, you can interact with the main plant to obliterate it.


10. Revisit the glowing gates after you’ve obtained the lyre


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While this is frustrating, until you get a lyre through the Aranyaka questline, there is nothing you can do to stop these gates. Once you've done that, though, you can play a melody at the gates to open a minigame in which you have to collect all of the floating green lights before the timer runs out.


11. Spend your Dendro Sigils at the Tree of Dreams


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Recall how the Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma allowed you to exchange free gacha rolls for furniture blueprints? The Sumerian version of that is called the Dream Tree. Only when you complete the Aranyaka questline and open the Vanarana realm can you visit this tree.


12. If something looks suspicious, then try attacking it with Dendro


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Breaking these oblong rocks that are surrounded by tree branches is the only way to find some treasures or hidden money stashes. Usually, shooting them with a dendrograna will work. Dendro powers won't work if it has a swirling pattern. You must specifically use Dendrograna to fire it.


13. Use the floating plant creatures to reveal hidden objects


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If you see a plant creature floating near some illusory torches, then use an Electro element attack on them. Doing so will solidify the torches, allowing you to light them like you would normally.


14. Dendro creates new special effects


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Using Electro on an enemy will increase the amount of damage they take from Electro and Dendro assaults. Dendro will produce a seed pod when Hydro is sprayed on it. If there are too many of these pods (Dendro cores) on the field, they will spontaneously detonate, or you can use them in advance to set off AoE damage with Pyro or Electro assaults.


15. Electrocute mushroom monsters to drop different types of items


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While killing a mushroom that has been electro-afflicted will result in the mushroom's nuclei, killing the mushroom creatures typically generates spores of varied rarities. Characters are advanced via spores. To improve weapons, the electro-affiliated nuclei are employed. So before you go out to hunt these fungal animals, make sure to prepare your party appropriately.


16. Capturing Eremite forts requires multiple keys


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As you venture through the desert, you’ll encounter forts occupied by Eremite mercenaries. To capture them, you need to activate a cross-shaped pillar, and then find multiple keys in the various rooms within. Be careful—as soon as you grab a key, rooms will often lock down and spawn multiple enemies. Once you have all the keys, you can shut down the cross-shaped device. This doesn’t happen immediately, though. Be sure to defend the device while it powers down, or you’ll have to start over.

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