These 10 Christmas Gifts Definitely Have Your Child's Dream!

Published on   Nov 30, 2022

It's hard to understand how Santa manages to pick out the perfect toys for billions of children around the world and barely make a mistake. Yes, he gets some clues from the letters he receives, but it's still difficult to figure out the right unicorn doll from "Unicorn with Horn that Makes Rainbows" or the best Lego set from "Leggos." Even if he's exact instructions from the older kids, how does he make sure the elves follow the directions exactly? It must be a logistical nightmare. No wonder Santa needs the rest of the year off.


Maybe he could use some advice from real experts? Since he doesn't have time to dig through endless customer reviews, a few good-faith bankers from people who really know their toys might be just the thing.


That's why we asked the leading experts in the field - the kids themselves - for their opinions on the best toys for Christmas this year. Our little testers spent hours playing, rating and competing against each other to come up with the final list of 10 must-haves for Christmas 2022 - one thing is for sure: nostalgic favorites win every time. If any of the games on this list aren't available yet, keep your eyes peeled in the coming months to grab them. Run instead of walk, Santa!













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