How We're Celebrating Thanksgiving In The Era Of The Internet

By  Selina
Published on   Nov 24, 2021

In this beautiful time of year, while the leaves turn orange and we start huddling up during fall, we're all celebrating this time of year in different ways. Some of us are back home with our families to have delicious food, but others are out there giving back to people as an act of kindness.

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Saturday Night Live: Pocahontas and Thanksgiving 

Well, that's how we're spending out holidays, but what about these online celebrities we follow online? Some of them have plans to stay in with the family and have SO MUCH food, but others plan on doing these huge giveaways or celebrations. Let's find out what some of them have been up to.

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While not really an extravagant celebration, Saturday Night Live have dedicated an episode. They do so by portraying Pocahontas and her boyfriend, John Smith, having dinner with her family. Featured celebrities are Melissa Villaseñor, Beck Bennett Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, and Fred Armisen.

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Zack King: His Yearly Thanksgiving Tradition

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During this video, he reacts to videos of "Friends & Family", where people send in their magic tricks and tips and he evaluates them. While this might not directly be related to Thanksgiving, it just is HIS thanksgiving tradition. You can say it's his own way of bringing people together during this time of year, and he finds his way of bringing joy into the world. 

Mr. Breast: Giving Out 10,000 Free Turkeys

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As we all know well enough by now, Mr. Beast has never shied away from from giving out to people and helping others. He has always been incredibly generous with everyone, people he knows and people he doesn't know. But this time it was different; Thanksgiving is the time for festivities. 

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People from all over where coming in lines and lines of cars to get their turkeys, something that brought more people together. It seems like Mr. Beast found the perfect combination for thanksgiving; giving out to people and good food.

His main reason for doing this is that he wanted all people to have a good time during the holidays, and no one to go hungry during this time. As he said: "Thank you to Jennie-O for helping us make sure NOBODY goes hungry this Thanksgiving."

Kaz Sawyer: Creative Thanksgiving Celebrations

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While not as popular of a celebrity of others, Kaz Sawyer is one of the tik-tokers who chose to use this time of year for good. He first made a huge feast for strangers, with all the turkey, pies, sandwiches, and so much dessert. He even went around distributing flyers as invitations to strangers to invite them over!

However, in another video, he goes one step further and does 


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He sent a turkey into space! Well, isn't that a new creative way of going down in history? He found the perfect way of merging thanksgiving with something creative and out-of-the box! You might be saying, "well, he's just wasting the turkey." But we both have seen how generous he was before.


So, that's how our fellow online celebrities celebrate their thanksgiving! How are you going to celebrate yours? With your family and loads of good food? Find a way to appreciate all that you have, be grateful, and let's give back!

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