Jennifer Garner's 'Great' Foundation For Flawless Skin At 50

Published on   Jan 13, 2023

Jennifer Garner usually has the best advice. Whether she's touting her cute casual sneakers for every day, the extended mascara she uses for defined lashes, or even the eye cream she says plumps up and reduces wrinkles, we can't get enough of her recommendations. So what was at the top of the list? The Blunder Cover All in One Foundation by Monika Blunder.


The selection deviates from her usual Neutrogena recommendations (don't worry, she still uses the brand for all her skincare needs). In fact, the Neutrogena ambassador has long loved the brand's Retinol and HydroBoost collections. And she's been so willing to sing the brand's praises (which makes sense - it's been 20 years since she did her iconic Neutrogena commercial with the face splash).

The foundationand concealer combo is loved by Garner for covering redness. "My friend Monica Blunder has a great little [concealer]," Garner says. "I apply it around my nose."


The beauty recorder result is highly praised by buyers. And it saves space in your cosmetic bag. Blunder Cover is an all-in-one concealer/primer designed to even out skin tone and improve the appearance of skin. The formula is sheer when first applied, but can be used as a concealer for areas that need a little more coverage, according to the brand.


The skin-friendly product contains botanical ingredients such as arnica, edelweiss and gentle moisturizing oils to give your complexion a refreshed look.Although it's a bit pricey, fans say it's worth it - Gartner isn't the only one who loves this concealer. Just check out the reviews. "I've been following Monika Blunder since before she released this product. I bought it as soon as it came out and have been using it ever since DAILY. Literally. It has the perfect consistency for everything you need... either for concealing or to use like a foundation. I also don't get rashes (I've SUPER sensitive skin).


Please don’t ever change the formula as there is NOTHING like this on the market,” wrote one happy Nordstrom customer.“I have dry skin and am in my 40s. This stuff is beautiful and lasts through the heat. I have tried many foundations and this is one of my favorites,” wrote another.If the price tag is a bit steep for you, not to worry. Garner has plenty of drugstore beauty must-haves that will level up your routine. Check out some of her favorites in skincare below to get glowing like the star.







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