You Will Definitely Want To Know The Tidbits Of Squid Game Behind The Scene

By  Jais
Published on   Oct 23, 2021

Squid Game': Did the Netflix K-Drama Plagiarize a Japanese Movie?

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Squid Game has been creating buzz ever since it came out on Netflix. And, if people did not know what a Kdrama is, they indeed do now. The South Korean survival drama is breaking records every day. Moreover, it has become the most successful show on Netflix in terms of viewership. Although we enjoy the frightening “Squid Games” in the show, the “Behind the scenes” are equally enjoyable. 

We are pretty sure that you might not know about some of them. So, here’s a list of “Squid Game” facts you should know right now. 

  1. Dong-Hyuk Created Squid Game in 2008

Squid Games, the Netflix-backed drama, was released on September 17, 2021. However, the script of the survival drama was birthed back in 2008, almost 13 years ago. The director and creator of the drama, Dong-Hyuk, mentioned that he was financially suffering in 2008. And, while readingcomics like Battle Royale, he imagined how it would look like to enter in deadly games to win a large sum. He then came up with designing a story based on Korean Setting. 13 years later, Squid Game was finally released. 

  1. Squid Game Was Originally Meant To Be A Movie

The 9-episodes hit Netflix drama was initially supposed to be a movie. The mastermind behind Squid Game, Dong-Hyuk, revealed that he wanted to turn the script into a feature film just like his other works. But, after long decisions, he decided to turn it into a Tv series.

Squid Game is Netflix's biggest original show debut | Entertainment  News,The Indian Express

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Moreover, Wi Ha Joon, who plays Jun-Ho, was not in the script. His character was written after turning the script into a mini-drama series. 

  1. The Dalgona Candy Expert Was Hired On Set

By now, we know that Squid Game is made with perfection and intricate detailings. To make things more realistic for the viewers, a Dalgona Candy expert was hired. The Dalgona candy is getting viral on the internet, but it is a hard prop to work with. Therefore, an expert was brought to set who steadily made Dalgona candy for the scene. 

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You should try making it too. It only takes sugar and baking soda!

  1. The Guards Were Supposed To Dress As Boy Scouts

The guards on Squid Game rocked the pink-hot suits and made everyone fear them. But, earlier, their outfits for the show were different. As per information, Dong-Hyuk wanted them to dress up in boy scout uniforms. He decided to change their attire because it showed their figure way too clearly. Plus, he was against the idea of making them look like  “Ants in an ant Colony.”

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  1. The “Red Light, Green Light” Doll Is Real

Accept it dolls are scary, whether it is Anabelle or the “Squid Game” giant doll. But, unlike the Anabelle doll, it is not possessed. Also, you can visit it in real life. Apparently, the giant doll statue is situated in Jincheon County. It is a rural county, three hours away from Seoul. According to sources, it was borrowed by the drama team and was returned after filming. Do you know that the doll is used to protect the entry of a horse-carriage museum? Daebak!

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  1. The Green Tracksuits Gave Allergy To The Cast Members 

The Green tracksuits which were worn by the players in “Squid Game” turned out to be more problematic than the game itself. In an interview, it was mentioned that the green costume for the cast gave allergy to them. Some actors faced red rashes on their faces, while some had breathing problems. 

Squid Game' has made tracksuits hot | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

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The teal-green suits had extra dust on them to make them look shabby and old. Hence, it caused havoc for the cast on the set. 

I hope these facts gave some more info about the trending Netflix drama. And, if you still haven’t checked out “Squid Game,” make sure to stream it now, only on Netflix. And, don’t worry, we did not give out any spoilers. So, you can still enjoy these facts and later binge-watch the drama. 

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