Sweet Love Can't Escape The Curse Of Breaking Up? Kardashian Supermodel Sisters Break Up Again

By  gaorong
Published on   Jul 04, 2022

The Kardashian-Jenner family has another romantic update! The 27-year-old supermodel Kendall has broken up with NBA Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker, who is one year younger than her and has been dating for two years.

The pair had just traveled to Italy last month for the wedding of their eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, and musician Travis Barker.

At that moment, whether their wedding dressing

Or photograph they holding hands sweetly,walking in Italy

This pair can be said to be popular all over the Internet, which is very enviable.

It's only been a few days since the sweet trip? What's happening? ? ?

Since the news came out, people said that it must have been Kendall who wanted to get married and have a baby, or that he broke up after being urged by his mother to get married.

The other 5 sisters and brothers in the family have given birth to a bunch of babies, and Kendall is the only unmarried member of the family now...

Before this boyfriend, Kendall was very low-key about her relationship,aside from avoiding mentions in reality TV show, she never posts photos on his social media pages.

Since she has been in a stable relationship with Devin for a year, she has officially disclosed her relationship and sent photos for the first time. She has also interacted with her boyfriend frequently in the past year, and it is truly illustrates that she is serious and likes him.

After the news of the breakup came out, many fans were quite shocked, because based on the current relationship of Kendall and Devin, and the interaction between their families, they all thought that they would be make it.

(Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi, really likes Devon.)

So, did Kendall really choose to break up because she wanted to get married and failed? Let's go back see at her romantic histories and how she dealt with her Queen Mother Chris's "keep pressing"strategy.

Although with low-key profile, Kendall's romantic history also quite exciting.
At 18, she briefly dated Harry Styles for a few months and was both photographed taking vacation together on a yacht. However, the two broke up and still become friends, and they also appeared on the show together in 2019.

At the age of 20, then-friend Gigi Hadid introduced her boyfriend Nick Jonas' brother Joe Jonas to her. After a short date, in the summer of 2016, Kendall was also photographed shopping with A$AP Rocky for an event date.

But this brief encounter ended shortly. A$AP Rocky became father of Rihanna's child this year. Hollywood is such a community...

After several relationships with singers, several of Kendall's later boyfriends are NBA players.
Such as Jordan Clarkson, Blake Griffin, and Ben Simmons who dated from May 2018 to May 2019.

And Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns player who started dating in June 2020 and broke up these days。

Coincidentally, Kendall and Devin have known each other since 2018. She was with Ben Simmons at the time, Devin was with Jordyn Woods, a former bestie of Kylie Jenner, and the two couples went out to dinner together.

No one would imagine that this community is so intricate, and the two came together after breaking up with their respective partners...

(Jordyn and Kylie)

Also because of this reason, and the fact that the Kardashian family has lots relationships with NBA players, in 2020, there will be anti-fans commenting, ridiculing Kendall for "passing around by players everywhere". Someone stood up to speak for her, saying that she was not the passive party.

After seeing these comments, Kendall personally responded:

The response stands up to those guys.
In the past two years, Kendall mentioned in an interview about his attitude towards relationships that she learned a lot from each relationship, and she became more and more aware of what she wanted and what she wanted his partner to be like.

Compared with the fear of falling in love in her early 20s, she has become much more confident and magnanimous. Probably this is one of the reasons why she is willing to make it public after she and Devin started dating.

During the two years they were in relationship, they really loved each other.

In the spring of 2020, the two took vacation in Arizona, spend the summer together in August, and spend Halloween and birthdays together in October;

In 2021, Devin forwarded Kendall's photo, and chose to take a public photo on Valentine's Day;

Spending Easter together, Devin attended for Kendall's business event;

Probably because the relationship is really stable and not afraid to go public, the Kardashian family did not miss this "explosion point".
Whether on a reality show or an interview show, the Queen Mother Chris has publicly stated that she thinks Kendall can have a plan. Especially after Kendall's sister Kylie gave birth to her second child in February this year, the queen mother become more and more "intensified".

In addition to saying in the interview that she hoped that Kendall could become a mother, in the reality show even arranged for her a gynecologic examination. It was a bit "suffocating" to urge marriage and childbirth.


In the face of her mother's urging marriage and childbirth, Kendall's self-deprecating mentality is very playful. She once posted a selfie and funny video on vacation with his nephew and niece on social media, and wrote "Still no kids", with {thumbs} and excited emoji.

She also filmed the content of helping sisters with babies all day in an episode, which was a textbook-level disastrous failure experience.


addition to these statements, Kendall also responded positively to her mother's statement that she asked her to see a doctor to get ready on the reality show during this period. She emphasized that she was not ready to get married and have children, and told her mother that it was hers Life, it should decide by herself.

However, when faced with the matter of getting married and having children, girls will probably still have some entanglements in their minds. Kendall also revealed that she is looking forward to getting married and having children.

(Kendall hugging his niece Stormi)

In May last year, she was promoting her liquor business on her close girlfriend Hailey Bieber's show. She had lost her temper because of getting drunk. When she answered Hailey's question about marriage, she cried and laughed.
"No one ever proposed to me," she said frankly.

“I've never been engaged”

Hailey laughed: "Her tears dripped down her clothes!"

Kendall continued: "It would be great to get married, but I don't."

“The wedding dress must be awesome.”

In the same month, when Kendall and eldest sister Kourtney were filming the show, they also played a prank, telling the sisters that she had been proposed to marriage, and wearing a staff member's diamond ring to deceive everyone.

Compared with before Kendall never mentioned her romantic affairs, she may have really moved her mind to get married and stable!

After these public statements, the relationship between Kendall and Devin was still very sweety.
Kendall went to support her boyfriend's game;

Take vacation in Italy;

Devin takes Kendall back to his hometown to see his grandma;

Kendall brought Devin home for Christmas, and making handmade gingerbread house feels like a big family;

Kendall revealed on the show that she would definitely attend every game of his boyfriend;

He said in an interview that he enjoyed the relationship and was very happy;

The time came to last month, when the two attended the wedding of the eldest sister Kourtney in Italy they looked nothing different, still lovely and sweet.

Who would have imagined that just a few weeks later, the two broke up peacefully. According to reports from different entertainment and foreign media, it was precisely because of attending the eldest sister's wedding that Kendall and Devin had different ideas about future plans.

The two chose to break up peacefully between whether to settle down and push the relationship forward, or continue to maintain the current status; it was Kendall make the call.

It may be like what Kendall had directly responded to before, she has complete control over who she wants to be with, and this time she made the call again.

After the news came out, in addition to feeling that it was a pity, some people thought it was funny that the two of them talked about marriage at such a young age:
“They’re 26 lol”

Also people said: “He probably got sick of cutting her cucumbers for her”

All in all, getting married and having children, these things must ultimately be your sincere choices. A Handsome boy and a beautiful girl, they used to love each other, and finally they broke up peacefully to find the happiness they wanted. That's not a big deal!


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