Strangeness! Writer's Article Predicts Her Husband's Murder

By  gaorong
Published on   May 25, 2022

Her husband was murdered shortly after the author wrote an article titled"How to Murder Your Husband."

Her husband was shot in the heart by two bullets and died on the spot, and she became the first suspect in her husband's murder.

The plot like a mystery novel is now being staged in the United States...

Back in 2011, writer Nancy once wrote a blog post on the idea of a novel titled "How to Murder Your Husband" on a forum for female novelists.

She wrote: "As a writer of romantic suspense, I spend a lot of time contemplating murder, and therefore the process of police involvement in murder."

She analyzed various killing methods in detail and advised against using knives because there would be"blood everywhere".

She added that the poison would take "too long" and the killer could be blackmailed for leaving evidence.

As for using the firearm, she thought it was too loud, cluttered and required some skill. If it takes ten bullets to kill the opponent, it means that the situation itself has developed to the point where it is difficult to deal with.

Of course, the premise of all these descriptions is that she is thinking about how the content of the novel will unfold, and how the actions of the characters in the novel will affect the outcome, not to vent hatred against people in reality.

Now, the reality of the pen has come true, the husband is murdered, and the suspect is actually the writer himself.

And so far the investigation of the case, the truth is still more complicated and confusing than the fictional story, which is eye-opening...

Open author Nancy Brophy's personal website, and you are greeted with her work, blog entry and personal information.

Writing has always been Nancy's passion, and she published her own collection of short stories as early as in college.

Dreams are dreams, of course, and since she can't make a living by writing alone, her official job is a sales representative for a health insurance company.

At the same time, she has never given up on writing. She often writes articles on her blog to record her inspiration.

Rough men, strong women, and plots with elements of romance, romance, and suspense make up the whole of her work.

The date of the latest update of the website is stopped in 2018.

That year, her husband Daniel was found dead in the chef's school kitchen.
When his colleagues and students arrived at the institute in the early hours of June 2, they were shocked to find his body.

Nancy and husband Daniel

The investigation recreated the scene:He was standing alone by the kitchen sink, preparing for his upcoming Saturday morning class, when he was shot in the chest and back.

Both shots were fatal wounds that pierced through the heart, and it can be seen that the murderer had no intention of showing mercy.
There was no sign of a robbery or fight, and Daniel's car was parked outside with no signs of being overturned.

Nancy was summoned to the scene that day, and the next day, she announced her husband's death to relatives and friends of the two on Facebook, expressing her grief and overwhelm.

The next day, dressed in black, she spoke to mourners at a candlelight vigil.

But then, she was immediately identified as a suspect.

In her own work, she mentioned that whenever one of the couples is killed, the other must be an important suspect.

In reality, as she wrote, while searching for Daniel's phone, the investigation team found an article on the Apple account he shared with his wife:10 Ways to Cover Up Murder.

Meanwhile, they discovered that Nancy had searched the Internet for "ghost guns."

The term refers to guns that buyers assemble from parts, and the use of such guns means that it is difficult to trace back to the source.

Not only that, Nancy also left a record of buying firearms online.

The investigators restored the whole process: she replaced the slide and barrel of the gun at home with parts bought online, and replaced these parts after killing her husband.

That way, she could show police an undamaged firearm that didn't match the cartridge case at the scene, thereby clearing the suspect.

Since she was identified as a suspect, what was her motive? Inexplicably, she and her husband, Daniel, seem to be happily married, and don't look like they're going to hate each other at all.

Daniel is a chef at a culinary school in Portland. He is kind, and likes to take care of plants and study marine animals.

Both parties had a marriage. In 1997, after the divorce, the two decided to come together. They lived a two-person life together in the northwest of the United States and built a small vegetable garden.

Nancy mentioned her married life more than once in the article:

"Like all marriages, we have our ups and downs, but in general there are more good times than bad."
"He could look me in the eyes from across the room, and even if we didn't speak, we knew what the other was thinking."

To outsiders, their relationship is also full of happiness.

A chef colleague who has worked with Daniel for three decades put it this way:When you see the two standing together, you really feel like they are the perfect couple.

"Nancy is friendly, lively and humorous. I've never seen any dissatisfaction with their marriage."

So what was her motive? Is she really the murderer who shot her husband?

While she deleted the account that bought the parts days after the murder, police also had other evidence.

One is that, although she said she was at home when the crime happened, surveillance footage captured her driving out.

Second, after the incident, she asked the police to show a certificate that she was not a suspect, so that she could go to the insurance company to collect her husband's life insurance compensation, which amounted to millions of dollars.

In the article she mentioned that she dreams of travel and a comfortable retirement.

From this point of view, she murdered her husband, probably in order to get his life insurance compensation and gain millions of wealth.

Her husband is satisfied with the current happy life, but she is not satisfied. In order to pursue a more exciting lifestyle, she chooses to open the door to a new life with a murder.

But her defense attorneys insisted that Nancy had no reason to kill her husband, who she has always loved with her for more than two decades.

What's more, from the results, she did not profit from her husband's death, and her financial situation worsened.

In her novel, she emphasized the order in which she would be suspected in a murder case. Knowing that she would be regarded as the first suspect, she obtained life insurance compensation by killing her husband. If she was really the murderer, It doesn't make sense logically.

At the same time, the judge ruled that her articles could not be used as evidence:the written descriptions often fail to reflect the author's true thoughts, and the articles she wrote about the love of husband and wife may also be intentionally beautiful.

Even from the evidence, there is not enough evidence to convict her.

First:from the point of view of the day's actions: the surveillance took a picture of her driving out that day, which did not match her initial recollection of her own journey, but this did not mean that the place she went to was the scene of the crime.

Second:from the perspective of insurance records: she is a practitioner herself, and it makes sense to buy a few more insurances for her family for her performance.

And it is precisely because she understands the compensation process that she will take the initiative to ask the police for a certificate after the incident, so that she can receive money in the future.

Third:from the purchase record: she may have purchased gun parts for the creation of the novel. When describing the details of the murder, the writer needs to study some specific objects to ensure that there will be no bugs in the text.

Moreover, she bought the gun parts with the bank card that she opened with her husband, which means that her husband probably knew about it.

So, from 2018 to today, Nancy's case is still inconclusive.

In the trial a few days ago, the inmate who was detained with Nancy testified in court, saying that Nancy and her described the incident, saying that she was very close to her husband and was shot dead.

Nancy's defense lawyer said that the inmate may have deliberately spread rumors with the assistance of some people in order to reduce his sentence, which cannot be used as evidence.

Here, the trial has stalled again...

Looking back at the details of "How to Kill Your Husband" she wrote in 2011, the description is as chilling as a prophecy.

The result is a fusion of thought and reality. The husband was really murdered, and she was considered the most suspected murderer.

Daniel's two shots hit the heart, and the killer appears to have killed him mercilessly.

But maybe the killer wanted to hit the nail on the head because he still had some emotions so he could die instantly and without pain.

No one knows what the truth is, the trial of the case is still full of doubts, and we may never wait for the truth...

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