Musk's Eldest Son Severed Father-son Relationship With Him! After He Transgendering, Take The Mother's Surname, Netizens Said: You Will Regret

By  gaorong
Published on   Jun 27, 2022

Last weekend was Father's Day, but Musk, the world's richest man, may not be having a good time.

On the same day, he sent a tweet to wish everyone a happy Father's Day, and also said that he loves his children very much.

However, just the day before, his son announced that he severed father-son relationship with him, give up the surname Musk and change it to her mother's surname, and change his gender to a girl.

The information is really shock...

Musk with second wife and twin sons

Musk has 7 children. Except for a son and a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Grimes, who is a singer, the other children were born to his first wife, Justine Wilson.

Unfortunately, Justine and Musk's first child died of disease. Later, they gave birth to twins Griffin and xaiver, and triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian through IVF.

This time, the son who proposed to sever father-son relationship with him was xaiver, one of the twins.

Xavier on the left

On June 18, xaiver musk, who just turned 18, submitted a document to the court of Santa Monica, California.

He decided to live as a woman in the future and officially changed his name to vivian.

Among the reasons for the name change in the court documents, Vivian stated that it was not only because of the gender change, but also she no longer lived with Musk,and did not want to have any formal relationship with her father, Musk.

In the future, she will use her mother's surname and change her name to Vivian Wilson.

Musk's children have always been very low-key, and after their parents divorced, their custody was shared equally between Musk and their mother.

Musk has always liked to show that he is a good father. Unexpectedly, his eldest child will sever father-son relationship with him and change his name as soon as he grows up. There may be more parent-child conflicts in the Musk family than we think.

Although Vivian didn't explain why she wanted to keep a distance from her father, some netizens speculated that the reason for the contradiction between them was Vivian's transgender identity and Musk's constant taunting remarks about transgender in recent years.

Everyone knows that Musk likes to ridicule the liberal ideas and political correctness.   

Nowadays, it is popular to write antonomasia that people expect others to call them in their personal profiles on social platforms. Transgender and Nonbinary people usually want others to call them "they/them", which causes some confusion in English meaning.

Musk once tweeted that "people who are always focusing on gender pronouns are very annoying."

After he was scolded, he explained: "I absolutely support Trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare."

In another twitter, he mocked the IMADR: "Netflix waiting for the war to end to make a movie about a black Ukraine guy falls in love with a transgender Russian soldier?"

Musk also seems to think that men have been "discriminated against" in society. He sent a meme with an oil painting of the American Revolutionary War in the background,in front of the picture, there was a man wearing a British uniform with the words "I love to oppress " on the hat and was smearing blood on his cheek.

The description is: "when you put he/him in ur bio"

He probably thought that political correctness benefited women and transgender people while treating men as villains.

It is conceivable that Vivian must be very uncomfortable watching her father make these conservative remarks all day,which must be leads to many conflicts in their relationship.

Regarding the disharmony between Musk and his family, some clues can be seen from the article of Vivian's mother Justine.

Although Musk likes to portray himself as a cool dad, a fun and adventurous entrepreneur, living with someone like Musk in reality can really be a disaster.

When Justine met musk, he was not rich, so she didn't expect that she would be reduced to a "beauty wife" after marriage.

Before they got married, she was calculated by musk to sign a very unequal agreement. At the wedding, musk suddenly said to Justine, "I am the absolute master of this relationship.".

At that time, his wife thought he was jjust talking about it, who knows, she will really live under Musk's control in the next few years.

After Musk became a rich man, he began to ask his wife to be more sexy, just like other rich people's wives, to give him a reputation.

Justine has natural brown hair and wise temperament. She doesn't like the lifestyle of socialites, but Musk asks her to dye her hair blonde every day for his own vanity, no matter how many times she refuses.

Musk often doesn't go home when he is busy working. Only she and the nanny take care of the children at home. This leads Justine to shelve her work as a writer. She can't find the value of life after becoming a housewife.

What made her more angry was that musk took her efforts for granted. She gave up her career and attended all kinds of boring banquets for Musk's reputation, but musk looked down on her work as a writer, didn't respect her at all, and didn't pay attention to her deadline.

Justine said that Musk was often very harsh to her. She told Musk "I'm your wife, not your employee", but Musk satirized her: "If you were my employee, I would have fired you already!"

His wife hoped that he could make some changes and at least respect her more, but Musk didn’t try to save the marriage. He said "accept it or divorce it", and he wrote the divorce application the next day.

I believe that this kind of unreasonable character will also be reflected in the process of getting along with his children.

Musk's way of educating children is also very confusing. While criticizing the shortcomings and problems of social media, he boasts that he let children to learn by watching a large number of youtube videos and reddit forums. In fact, this behavior is to shirk part of the responsibility for the education of children.

The child lives with her mother most of the time. Although Musk has custody, he has no time. Therefore, it is understandable that Vivian and her father are estranged and even become strangers. Musk has yet to comment on the matter.

My 18 year old said to me that her childhood was so weird ,she couldn't believe she could be so 'normal-seeming'. I told my child: I'm very proud of you. I am proud of being your mother.

After the divorce of European and American families, many people will not change their original surnames for convenience.

But netizens have very different views on this matter. Some people sympathize with Musk. They think that Vivien's change of surname and severed father-son relationship are vexatious behaviors, and he will certainly regret it.

“Elon Musk's son no longer wants to liver or wishes to be related to his Father. Say bye-bye to your inheritance~”

“then say bye-bye to your inheritance.Vivian!”(peculiar attitude)

Some of the remarks are really confusing. After the divorce of Justine and Musk, the property she got is legal, of course the children can spend the money, But many people say this behavior is like Justine and the children are using musk, and some people even say that Vivien's approach is unfilial and ungrateful.

So some netizens countered this statement:

“so many people here are openly admitting that they hold money to be more valuable than their ethics or moral compass like, y'all would really sacrifice your happiness and moral compass just for money? you'd remain in contact with someone who doesn't respect you, for money?”

 “It not hard to understand, he chose to serve his duty to his companies,at all costs, and for that sacrificed his duty to his children.

Imagine for yourself if all parents choose to order their priorities in this way, they would be sacrificing the next generation, the future

"Parents have given her everything she's ever needed!"? They neglected giving her respect for who she has been her entire existence. No amount of money helps a kid who is not recognized and supported by the people who created them.

"Casual reminderElon Musk having a trans daughter isn't a punishment forElon Musk-it's a punishment for her"

"We understand Vivan, we understand! We've all had our fill of Musk."

"I would never criticise Elon Musk as he is so intelligent and very well respected alberit eccentric at his own admission! However in terms of raising children in another country specifically post divorce I really think those boys must have struggled without an ever presten father. Boys need a Dad-thats essential. Or at least a really good male role model."

This Friday, the court will organize a second hearing on Vivian's appeal. However, I believe that musk will not be excessively sad because of losing a child's love.

After all, there are many people on the Internet who want to call Musk "Dad"

"I know this is a trying time for you, however: I know you'er looking for a replacementson,I'm absolutely available. "

"on the other hand, will be filing to become Elon's new son. Hi dad!"

What do you think?