Method Man Has Been Accused Of Cheating On His Wife With Wendy Williams. What Are The Details?

By  Thomas
Published on   Feb 07, 2020

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So the news is out, and Method Man has been accused of cheating on his wife with TV host Wendy Williams.


Method Man is a member of the famous hip hop and rap group, the Wu-Tang Clan. The rapper has been known for his fair share of girlfriends and groupies and is perhaps most known for his relationship with one particular video vixen who even wrote about their encounters in her book.


So while this might not be his first indiscretion, Method Man’s latest encounter allegedly happened while his wife, Tamika was trying to recover from cancer.


Read on to learn all the details of this latest affair.


1. Here are the reports


We first heard about this story from blogger Tasha K who is the host of her own YouTube show, UnWinewithTashaK. In the show, we learn from Wendy Williams that while she was still on the radio in New York City Method Man slept with her and even confessed to her that he had been sleeping with his wife’s doctor as well. Both the affairs are alleged to have happened in 2006.


The additional accusation of cheating apparently came to light in the bedroom during some pillow talk with Williams. Method Man is said to have confessed to her that he had also been sleeping with his wife’s doctor who was the primary physician in his wife’s breast cancer treatment.


In the past, Method man has accused Williams of being a groupie saying that she “topped off” (gave oral sex to) him and other friends from his neighborhood. Take this how you will, but that might suggest some truth to Wendy Williams’ accusations.  


2. Method Man denies all the accusations

Method man has denied all the accusations of cheating and instead accuses Williams of lying in order to put his wife’s cancer diagnosis out into the public. Method man has said that at the time, his wife wanted to keep her diagnosis a secret.


Method Man had the following to say about Williams. "She told me and [the doctor] was f**king king. What kind of s**t is that, man? You don't do that to anyone. You say the s**t you want to say about me, don't say anything about my family, man. You're going to attack me any way you like, I'm in the entertainment business, but you don't attack my family, my wife. It's bad enough that she didn't have a hair on her head, you think she wants people to look at her, point her out and talk to her about how sick she is. No one knew anything until Wendy Williams said it was crap,"


3. Method Man quit social media after another blogger posted a photo of his wife


Another blogger, Farrah Gray recently posted an online article that featured a picture of Method Man’s wife Tamika who prefers to stay out of the limelight. The posts title leading reads “We Finally Have A Photo of Method Man’s Wife”. After the blog post was uploaded Method Man asked Gray to take the post down “in the name of decency”. Initially, the blogger refused to do so but after further prompting, they eventually took it down. The picture, however, still exists online.


After the post and online argument Method Man tweeted (in a now-deleted post)that he would be leaving social media until further notice.


4. Farrah Gray responded by putting Meth on blast and roasting him online. Gray accused Method Man of staging his leaving for publicity.

Farrah Gray had a deleted Twitter post of his own after Method Man deleted and closed his own profile. Gray accused Meth of staging the whole thing in order to put a positive spin on the situation and generate some publicity. Gray wrote, "Oldest PR stunt in the book? Release a private photo of yourself to the public then throw a tantrum that the public has your (so-called) PRIVATE photo?? LOL. The thirst of a ’90s washed-up rapper is real tho. Good One p.s. the inspirational cancer-awareness article was taken down yesterday so…smh,"


Gray also reposted to the tweet to his Instagram stories.


5. Method Man allegedly has other children outside of marriage with former video vixen Modest Jones

Another controversial story that may add fuel to the WIlliams fire is Method Man’s alleged relationship with former video vixen Modest Jones.


Jones has known Method Man since the early ‘90s when Wu-Tang Clan was just starting out. Jones claims that her twins who were born in 2017 were fathered by Method Man. Since her accusations have been made public nothing has been verified. Interestingly though, Method Man has also never denied fathering the children.

6. Meth also cheated with Karrine "Superhead" Steffans.

Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans is another former video vixen who is already notoriously known for her relationships with various rappers in the music industry. In her book Vindicated, Steffans describes Method Man as one of her “conquests”. In the book, she uses the pet name “Papa” and notoriously describes Method Man’s penis along with various other rappers.


What you may believe about Wendy Williams’ accusations it is worth noting that since this has come to light Method Man and Williams have been in an ongoing feud, which is still ongoing today.


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