Is Gossip Girl 2021 Binge-Worthy?

By  Ashwa
Published on   Sep 17, 2021

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Gossip Girl here… And My Oh My I have news. The restart of our troubled 2000s youth drama is finally here, man, it caused a sensation. The first episode of the new series was released on Binge on July 8 and introduced us to a new group of Upper East Side high school students who stumbled upon, betrayed, and looked ever so scandalous. Now the question is this scandalous show worth the watch. Read on to find out xoxo.

Original vs New

The new Gossip Girl series is not a direct reboot. It doesn’t continue with the same characters but spoil alert the two series do intertwine. The reboot is more of a Gen Z version so it’s safe to say it’s a mere distant cousin of the old series. This series brings us back to the famous Upper East Side Constance Billard High School, where uniform rules are not important, and a very intimidating group of Generation Z students lead their charming and rebellious life. 

On the steps of the Mets, we were introduced to a new core group, only similar in numbers to our old friends Blair and Serena. It has Queen Bee Julien, who supposedly is nice for a change, her friends Monet and Luna (P.s one of them betrays Julien), her boyfriend Obie whose also her ex and the pansexual Max who is so close to Chuck Bass, and his friends Aki and Audrey. 

Then there is the "outsider" Zoya, who is also Julien's half-sister. Her nickname is "Little Z", a tribute to Jenny Humphrey, but I hope she won't have any bad incidents in the future of her character just like Jenny did. Jenny and Zoya’s characters are basically the same. They are both jealous 'pick-me’s'. (Jenny is the worst, we all know). 

In the first episode, the long-term silent blogger Gossip Girl who once dominated the student life in Konstanz was resurrected (on Instagram, of course) and began to spread gossip about the current group. Oh the gossip, isn’t that the best part?

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Is the show actually Modern?

The new Gossip Girl dynamic must be... well is very modern, we want to know it or well at least I wanna know if it will be an epic fail. 

One thing that was a fail was the lack of headbands. Blair will be shocked by not having a headband, but we like many other aspects of the original series, and you will realize by watching it: poisonous friendship, parental drama, fashion, New York location, and disgusting rich who do terrible things. people.

Other than the no-headband-now-scarfs modernizing attempt the reboot is actually living in 2020. The experiments with sexuality and teacher-student relationships it’s like the upper east side never learns. 

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The most interesting by far and modernized character would be the extremely hot Wolfe, Max Wolfe. He has two gay dads himself bi and queer and oh the drama. Let’s just say he betrays his friends by sleeping around. A specialty really.

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Sister Against Sister

The original gossip girl was best friend rivalry but it kind of made sense, right? Blair and Serena knew each other their whole lives. They had a bond with each other as well as having the ability to just cut each other off at any time but they didn’t mainly because the show would end but we don’t talk about that.

Zoya and Julien they’re very different to your usual Serena-Blair rivalries. Mainly because they’re actually related and their Dads don’t like each other at all. Not to mention the class difference. Like how is it even fair when one of the sisters can afford Versace limited edition while the other one can’t even afford a designer hairpiece. 

Unlike Serena and Blair who actually had problems against each other, Zoya and Julien didn’t really have an issue. But do you know who did? Julien’s little friend group. They weren’t just going to let a commoner become a part of the Elite, what made that worse was Little Z going after Obie… Well, that’s what Monet and Luna were spreading.

It didn’t even matter who liked who first.

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Okay, Binge-Worthy or Eh?

So wannabe EastSiders we have reached a verdict. This show is so binge-worthy. Go stream it right now on BBC iPlayer. 

Try at least, if only to satisfy your curiosity. As we all know the phrase curiosity is what killed the cat. To be honest, it is far from perfect, but the first episode is enough to keep the audience. 

 The variety and drama of the characters are enough to make us happy, even if there is no one who shines on the screen like Blair Waldorf, and there will NEVER ever be someone like her.

What do you think?