Hellbound Season 1 Ending Explained, What's In For S2?

By  Jais
Published on   Dec 02, 2021

via: Netflix

After Squid Game, Netflix is reigning with another thrilling Kdrama- Helbound. The latest release on the streamer has left everyone with their mouths open and jaws on the floor. Although, it has ended, the chilling and gripping storyline has managed to engage the fans with the theories on Hellbound season 2. While there are thousands of theories among fans, we must share the ending of Hellbound season 1, so you can design your own theory for season 2. 

Hellbound is a dark fantasy drama-thriller South Korean television series recently launched on Netflix. Sitting on the number 1 spot, Hellbound tells the story about a fantastical version of Earth, where supernatural entities declare the death of certain living beings before monstrous devil beings appear from hell to collect their bodies. 

The drama focused on the lives of Jin Kyeong Hoon, a detective, in the early episodes. Following episodes were focused on Jeong Jin Soo, the chairman, and the final episodes surrounded Bae Young Jae, a television producer. 

Throughout the series, the audience faced numerous heart wrenching deaths. And, the deaths were not good to look at. But, what happened at the end? Are the devils from Hell ready to take over in Hellbound season 2?


Hellbound Season 1 Ending Explained


The ending of the Hellbound showed a brief conversation going on between Soyhun and Deacon Yuji, where the former asks about the whereabouts of the baby. On the other hand, the New Truth Society calls a meeting with Chairman Kim and decide to keep the mother and baby away from the entire situation. This was done, so that people can not find about how people without sin can transform into Hellbound. 

via: Netflix

Min later enters into the scene and saves the day by turning into a bold daredevil. She fights the cult alone, but faces betrayal. The youtuber, Lee Dong Wook, she trusted the most, turned out to be evil. Even though he initially helped in denouncing the cult’s philosophy by posting a video online, he tried to kill everyone later. After showing his true colors, Lee also tried to kill the mother and baby. But, the devil arrived before him to do the job. 

Witnessing the event forces the other parents to tie themselves and sacrifice by burning the light. The baby survives at the expense of the corpse left behind by the parents. However, this also makes the baby be the first one to survive the decree. So, is the baby new ‘Messiah’? In the very next scene, Lee steps in and tries to kill the baby. He says, “The message is too complicated for him to understand. ”

After the baby, the devils also finish Lee. And, we are back to square one. Things do not clear if the baby is really the new ‘Messiah,’ but he is again saved by Min as she takes the baby safely into a taxi and runs away. 

As we wait for Min to take her next step, the camera pinpoints to the sky and shuts. And just when you think it's over, the body of Park Jeong Ja starts rebuilding itself. Now, the question left is, Is the devil back?

Well, there are thousands of theories. But, the truth will be revealed in Hellbound season 2. 

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