Beckham's Son Has Failed To Enter The Fashion Industry Again!!8 Million Endorsements Were Cut?

By  Echo
Published on   Jul 27, 2022


Brooklyn Beckham, Beckham's eldest son, failed to start a business again, and the 23-year-old has tried many career changes.


After he gave up playing football due to his lack of strength, he gave up his photography career, and his cooking show was ridiculed. Brooklyn signed a £1 million (about 8 million RMB) fashion brand endorsement last November, but he was directly fired by his boss…

At that time, Brooklyn attended the opening ceremony of the brand's flagship store on Oxford Street in London, and he also took a photo with the boss. The boss told the media that he likes Brooklyn's fashion very much and is very optimistic about this cooperation.


 Of course, after receiving the money, you must work hard. Brooklyn took official posters and advertised on his social media with more than 14 million fans. In the interview, he also brought Nicola Peltz, who was still his fiancee at that time, and said that she also liked the T-shirts of this brand very much, and would wear his T-shirt at ordinary times and so on.


Two months after signing the endorsement, in late January this year, Brooklyn posted new shoes on social media.

Isn't it normal for a brand ambassador to release a new product? But here was the problem.

The theme of this new product is non-animal leather, and the words "VEGAN veganism" are written under the soles, which are very popular in western.


The vegan theme would have been fine. But unexpectedly, in February, Brooklyn collaborated with Facebook on a new show, "Cooking with Brooklyn."

The problem with this program is that except that he has never received professional cooking training, and he was cooking meat in every episode, at that time, he endorsed the sports shoes with the theme of vegan...

Fish and chips, steak burgers, English breakfast, ham and eggs. He's not good at cooking, and these foods contradicted the pure vegan products he endorsed. This is too bad.


The behavior of the spokesperson is contrary to the brand values. And this exclusive program, which was obtained with the help of his parents, cost nearly 700,000 RMB to produce each episode, and hired a professional chef to assist him. This negative news made him much ridiculed.


Like cooking and sharing finished products on social media are essentially different from professional cooking programs. Brooklyn was severely scolded by people for this false practice.

However, neither the clothing brand nor Brooklyn responded positively to these disputes at that time. And his wedding with Nicola Peltz is imminent, so everyone didn't pay attention to it.

As long as there is traffic, you can make money.

In May this year, Brooklyn and Nicola held a grand wedding, which became a hot news on global social media.

His father-in-law paid for the whole marriage with 25million RMB. His mother-in-law wore a 94.78 carat Oriental Star Diamond. The marriage between the Beckham family and the Peltz family, which had a property of 10.8 billion, made the two families famous.

Just two months after the wedding, Superdry and Brooklyn terminated their contract.

Earlier, the brand told the media, "we are always paying attention to the spokesperson in our promotional activities", and also used the description of looking for "a different range of talent".


After the news came out, it caused an intense discussions in the comment forum:

I must say that netizens' comments are getting more and more sharp.

Looking back at Brooklyn's career, it's really "try this, try that."


He joined the Arsenal's youth team as a child, but gave up before his 16th birthday.


Later, he tried photography. After graduating from high school, he applied to Parsons in New York to study photography, but he gave up after studying for a year.


When he was working as a photographer, his parents helped him get the opportunity to shoot the second-line commercials of famous British luxury brands, and also helped him publish a photo album.


The finished product is unsatisfactory.

In 2019, after he quit from Parsons, Brooklyn became an intern of Rankin, a famous British photographer.

At that time, it was revealed that as soon as he came to Rankin studio to work, he showed his lack of photography technology, and was ridiculed as a rookie by the staff in the studio.


Well, so he couldn't continue to study to the master, so he could only end the internship.

After the COVID-19 epidemic, the couple who lived in the Florida mansion fell in love with cooking. Brooklyn cooked every day and began to share many creative dishes of British and American fast food. At that time, everyone just watched this for fun.

 Who knew that his family had pushed him to a higher level, started a professional cooking show, and found a bunch of professional chefs to make hamburgers and fish and chips together. It is no wonder that netizens and professionals gave him more vicious comments than the other.


This time he entered the fashion community and was fired again. There are much more harsh comments about he can do nothing seriously. Brooklyn must know about the ridicule of the public, but he has never responded positively.

In June, his wife Nicola Peltz had her first cover interview after her marriage and said something nice for her husband who is 4 years younger.

Nicola, who was immersed in the newly-married honeymoon period, never stop talking her husband, saying he was so sweet and caring.

She said that Brooklyn has lived in the expectations of the people around him since he was a child, and he was under great pressure. He always wanted to please everyone, and sometimes didn't like what he was doing, until he fell in love with cooking during the COVID-19 epidemic: "He was really enthusiastic, I taking videos of him cooking every day, he found his 'Duty Call of his life'."


Well, it's really nothing to fall in love with cooking, but if you insist on running a professional show, at least you have to go through rigorous training like other professional chefs, right? Doing homework seriously, Brooklyn is nowhere near as good as his wife, Nicola.



The lady of the tens of billions family wanted to be an actor when she was 11 years old. She begged her parents to go to a professional drama school and began to audition for acting. Later, she performed 108 plays on the Broadway stage, with an unknown period of seven or eight years.


Although her father gave her financial support and her mother accompanied her around, it was not until the age of 19 that Nicola was admitted to the "Transformers 4" audition, which increased her fame a little.


Last year, Nicola announced that she was writing, directing and starring in her debut feature, and was very busy on set. Not to mention her acting skills and directing skills, at least she has really devoted more than ten years to her profession.


Of course, Brooklyn is not that worse. In addition to his career failure, he doesn't take drugs, drink alcohol, or mess around, and his family is harmonious and prosperous. After being together with Nicole, he is very good at pleasing each other and has a good relationship with each other's family.


(Brooklyn carrying his sister Harper Seven Beckham)

After getting married, he publicly said that he wanted to be the best father and also loved to cook for his wife.

 Wearing a wedding ring to make "fried duck burritos" for his wife:

Flower Pasta:

Chinese dumplings that looks like the wrapper very hard:


So hard to cook, Brooklyn is still a little professional (maybe not much?).

Nicola added in the interview: "He would also call my dad and ask, 'Do you think this can work?' I love watching him learn from my dad."

 Anyway, many people don't know what to do at the age of 23, and frequent job-hopping is not a novelty.

For Brooklyn, who came from a wealthy Beckham family and his wife's family is so rich, his trial and error cost is a luxury that the general public can't even imagine.

Guess, Brooklyn's cooking training will continue, it is recommended to go to the family friend, the snarky uncle Gordon Ramsay to Hell‘s Kitchen carry out training, please...



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