8 Celebrities With Surprisingly Weird Hidden Talents

Published on   Nov 11, 2020

Celebrities are the one group of people that are often misunderstood. People tend to assume that they can't be like ordinary people. Well, they are normal, and just like every other person, they have talents. When we say talents, we are not talking about what they are famous for; we mean the little things you never knew they could do. In fact, these weird little things are sometimes performed in near-perfect fashion, leaving their fans in total disbelief. 

For this list, we highlight 8 of the most amazing lesser-known talents from your favorite celebrities. 


Kendall Jenner, Bird Noises

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We start today's list keeping up with the Kardashians. Despite being recognized by Forbes for being 2017's highest-paid model, this beauty queen has another hidden talent you didn't know about. After appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kendall Jenner seems to mimic a bird in surprisingly good fashion. The fact that she's been recorded several times chirping makes us believe that she does love chirping like a bird. 


Aaron Paul, Canine Gender Guessing 

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The Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul, has a unique ability to guess a dog's gender. During a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment on celebrity's hidden talents, Aaron Paul announced he could tell a dog's gender by briefly petting the animal. To test this out, armed with a blindfold, Jimmy brought out four different dogs and simultaneously put the actor to work. Interestingly, the actor managed to guess all four genders leaving the audience in total awe.


Katy Perry, Look like a Frog

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We don't know if this is a talent, but we know it extremely weird. During her stint as an American Idol judge, Katy Perry promised one of the contestants that she would reveal her hidden talent if they did the same. Although the contestant could quote Mean Girls from start to finish, Perry didn't disappoint when she puffed her throat the same way bullfrogs do. Later in the show, Perry was rather emotional when another contestant similarly puffed his throat. She did acknowledge the skill as not being a talent, but it's weird enough to make it on our list. 


Kesha, Teeth Crafting

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In keeping up with the weird theme, we go back to 2014 when Kesha was being treated for an eating disorder. In her attempt to stay connected with her fans, she asked fans to mail her loose teeth. Yes, loose teeth. We don't know how her fans didn't find this weird since she received well over a thousand teeth. To make it even more interesting, she created a bra, a headgear, necklace, and earrings before the treatment center barred her from receiving more teeth.


Mark Ruffalo, Unicycling

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Balancing between the Hulk and Bruce Banner can be quite an uphill task. Who knew that Mark Ruffalo perfected this balancing act when he was a kid. During an episode of The Graham Norton show, the award-winning actor revealed a childhood talent involving a unicycle. Twenty-five years had passed since Mark last stepped on a unicycle, but that didn't stop him from showing the world what he could do. Who wouldn't want to see the hulk riding a unicycle?


Justin Beiber, Rubik’s Cube Solver

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While most of his songs won't be shorter than two minutes, Justin Beiber can actually spend two minutes solving an 80's hit toy. Justin has been featured on many television talk shows and is never shy when solving the Rubik's cube. Despite 2 minutes being far from the 4.69 world record, we still believe that this is a pretty impressive talent. 


Mike Tyson, Pigeon Racing

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Who knew this veteran knock-out specialist could have a soft side. When he's not knocking out opponents, Mike Tyson is Pigeon racing. Let us explain it to those of you who don't know what pigeon racing is. A pigeon is set free a hundred miles from its coop and timed to determine how long it takes to get back home. According to Mike, pigeon racing is a hobby that kept him from the tough streets of Brooklyn. 


Pierce Brosnan, Fire eater

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We round up our list by seeking an adrenaline rush with the iconic James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan. It turns out that this bad boy has some pretty dangerous hobbies off-screen too. In 1969, when Brosnan entered a fire-eating clinic, he found topless women very intriguing and instead gave fire-spitting a try. Although he does admit that he's retired from the sport, Brosnan has been recorded a couple of times eating fire.  

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