10 Obscure Facts About KFC And Its Single Colonel!

Published on   Aug 18, 2022


No amount of chicken frying will prevent your hands from being slightly oily. The KFC brand, which is well-known throughout the world for its "finger-licking-good" chicken made with a special blend of herbs and spices, wasn't always as strong as it is now. Many people's blood, sweat, and tears went into creating the Kentucky Fried Chicken that you are familiar with. And you'll soon discover that when we say that individuals have actually died for these buckets of chicken, we are not using metaphor. Get ready to learn about this chicken cookin' restaurant's wild past (and present) and its legendary founder.


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A Business Disagreement Becomes a Murder



Born in the 1890s, Colonel Sanders grew up in a very different society from the one we live in today. Running a Shell gas station, the Colonel had a problem with a competing gas station owner sneaking out at night and covering the Colone's signs with ones directing people to his establishment. The Colonel made the decision to go to his rival's workplace and threaten to kill him if he painted on his signs once more without considerable police assistance.


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The competitor business owner, not one to be deterred by a small death threat, immediately started painting over the Colonel's signs once more, but this time the Colonel and his employees caught him in the process. Unexpectedly, the man pulled a gun and shot Sanders, killing one of the gas station managers in the process. In retaliation, the Colonel fired at the man himself, but was unable to kill him. The Colonel was free to concentrate on his actual desire since his rival was now serving a murder sentence in prison. maybe it was his nightmare?


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Colonel Sanders Hated KFC



The franchise game is intended for children. Colonel Sanders was 65 years old when KFC began to gain popularity and move up the food chain. Not nearly the gun-toting, vivacious man he once was. Sensing he wasn't up to the task at hand, he decided to sell the company in 1964 for the pitiful (*poultry*) amount of $2,000,000 with a contract stipulating that his likeness would continue to be used for the restaurant. At the time, he was 73.


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Shortly after the sale, the Colonel developed a bitterness that rivalled that of a day-old biscuit. He began to act out in KFC restaurants, attend conferences to vent his rage, and even file a lawsuit against his former employer while attempting to launch a rival chicken firm. The franchise ultimately walked away with another million dollars, considering it a little price to pay to persuade the Colonel to cease creating commotion at their stores. 


The KFC You Know Today Exists Thanks to Wendy’s



It can be a little unexpected to learn that the brand of KFC only exists today due of Dave Thomas, the creator of the Wendy's fast food chain, even though they aren't precisely seen as competitors since one provides burgers and the other chicken. Thomas advanced through the ranks while working for the Colonel and contributed suggestions for improving the brand. Dave, who was committed to enhancing brand identification, persuaded the Colonel to appear in television advertisements, to paint his stores the distinctive red and white, and—possibly most significantly—to design the KFC bucket.


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Dave Thomas was sent out into the field to work directly on launching franchises since he was so good at his job. With the money he made working for the Colonel, he eventually decided to create his own burger business after growing frustrated with his inability to locate a place he liked.


KFC Made A Game For Advertisment



The corporation has been looking for new ways to diversify its advertising since the Colonel's passing more than three decades ago. A free-to-play game featuring the Colonel, or at least a highly manly and attractive version of the chicken guy, was released by KFC's marketing in an effort to appear trendy and "with it."


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"I Love You, Colonel Sanders!" has endured the test of time with a nearly flawless rating and excellent reviews, while most video games that are developed to sell a game or product tend to perform atrociously. It's difficult to argue against a game that did so well despite being about wanting to lick a 100-year-old man's greasy fingertips, even if it was simply for the meme.


The Colonel Was a Bit of a Jerk to Women



He Wasn't the guy who was shooting people and picking fights with them the least friendly to the women in the room, either? Get away of here! You would think the Colonel would be a little more tolerant of those who are more... um, generous, given that he marketed fried chicken to the public and copious amounts of gravy, but claims to the contrary seem to be persistent.


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One such incident happened at a fan gathering. With those who had come particularly to see him, the Colonel posed for photos and signed autographs. A bunch of women who loved the Colonel and his fatty chicken were included in this. He couldn't help but joke that they all waddled around while signing autographs and introducing himself to the women. 


KFC Releases Its Own Console



What avenues might KFC explore now that their free-to-play dating game has achieved unexpected success in order to make the most of their fan base? Nobody would have imagined "a gaming console that also fried chicken to a fine golden crisp while you played," thus we would infer that you looked it up.


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The KFConsole was announced in 2020, but as of the time this list was written, it had yet not been launched. However, all reports appear to concur that it is a real product that will eventually go on sale. How risk-free is it to prepare chicken while losing yourself in a game? Is a console even capable of withstanding the intense heat required to cook food? Time will only tell. 


KFC Proves We Don’t Deserve Nice Things



Some individuals believed that the KFConsole was really an oddly timed joke. A wonderful bit of promotional material surrounding the launch of new consoles, but these other things... these other products are a horrible joke, the gastronomic equivalent of the Tower of Babel. Of course, we're referring about the KFC Double Down, a disgrace to humanity. A bacon, cheese, and BBQ sandwich wrapped in two pieces of fried chicken rather than bread.


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Do you find that combination of dread to be unappealing or perhaps not filthy enough? The KFC Doughnut Sandwich, which is somehow much worse than the Double Down, is then available to you from KFC. Although it resembles a typical chicken sandwich, this version has the chicken sandwiched between two full glazed donuts. Why? We are here because we were meant to suffer.


That Time KFC Ran out of Chicken



We may soon have to confront the scary reality of going to the shop and not being able to find basic supplies due to concerns about a global food crisis. However, in 2018, a straightforward attempt to reduce costs by switching delivery services resulted in KFC stores in the United Kingdom going absolutely without chicken for a considerable amount of time. As a result, they were obliged to close all of its locations nationwide or ask customers if they would prefer a KFC meal without chicken.


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The corporation, however, handled the situation well, printing a full front-page apology ad in major newspapers throughout the nation for running out of chicken and rebranding their iconic KFC bucket with a playful FCK.


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KFC Quits Using Risky Chicken



The year 2016 is long gone. While standing in line to lick door knobs, individuals coughed loudly into their hands and high-fived one another. If you were a regular Joe, the idea that a disease could spread from animals to humans seemed like something out of science fiction. Behind the scenes, consumer advocacy groups were pressuring fast food businesses to stop giving human antibiotics to their chickens and cows due to the very real possibility that this might result in superbugs that may wipe out entire populations.


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Except for KFC, the majority of the leading chicken-slinging companies had all agreed to totally stop using human antibiotics in their birds by that year. Despite restrictions prohibiting the use of antibiotics to boost chicken size, they approved the use of some of them as recently as 2017, a full year after requests to end the practise completely. However, they did decide to completely stop the practise, at least in the USA.


KFC Trinidad Made Some Tone-Deaf Tweets


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Fried chicken is a favourite of all. It's funny that there is such a pervasive racial stereotype that black people specifically adore fried chicken since it's a dish that really can't be done wrong (unless you smash doughnuts into it). The local KFC shop felt it appropriate to honour Emancipation Day in Trinidad, a celebration created to commemorate the end of slavery in that nation, by designing a graphic of a piece of fried chicken casting a shadow of a black power fist on the wall behind it.


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As soon as it was posted, there were immediate complaints of tone-deaf racism. KFC later removed it and apologised, but the harm had already been done. An official piece of KFC artwork depicting a black power chicken fist was circulated at the height of the George Floyd demonstrations, frequently accompanied by untrue claims that it had been uploaded during Black History Month. Simply searching for KFC Trinidad on Google returns pages of articles attempting to deny its existence, demonstrating how entrenched it has grown.

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