Which Of These Disney Villains Are You Secretly Like? Find Out Here!

By  Laura Zaks
Published on   Apr 09, 2020


Just like the yin and yang sign, we all have two sides to us.


Ever see the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other?  Ever feel like you have some sneaky, evil thoughts or a side to you that you try to hide?


Well, what if that side belongs to a Disney Villain? Find out below which one that is!


Captain Hook


1Via The Cricket Gallery


Do you hate when people don’t take you seriously? Or, when people act too immature and don’t follow your rules? Do you hate when people get in the way of your plans and dreams? Do you easily get mad at a certain boy named Peter, but love being out in the ocean and making people walk the plank? Do you believe in Neverland and are scared of crocodiles? Your secret inner villain identity belongs to Captain Hook!




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Much of Maleficent’s evil comes from her never being invited to Princess Aurora’s christening and curses the princess in revenge. Is one of your biggest pet peeves being left out of plans? Do you take offense when you weren’t in the loop about gossip, rumors, or information? Do you sometimes feel ruthless or dark or eerie, but also like you don’t fit in? Do you enjoy sarcasm and getting revenge on those who wronged you? You are such a Maleficent!


The Queen of Hearts

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Do you love being in charge when it comes to games or plans? Are you ever called the “Queen” or “Queen Bee” because of the way you demand attention and stick to your own rules? The Queen of Hearts is known for her short temper, cleverness and ability to change moods any second. If you have any of those traits and are a lover of red roses, then you very well are housing the Queen of Hearts in your own heart! Remember, “all ways are her (now you are) ways!”  



4Via Medium


Gaston is a character full of charming smiles, suave smolders and love of eggs. Do you find that you also can manipulate conversations to go your way? Do you get told sometimes that you’re being too self-centered, egotistical, or prideful? You and Gaston can be fearless— like when he went off to fight the Beast— but you also tend to do what you think is best, even if it’s not what’s best for everyone else. But with that kind of smile, can anyone blame you??


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Is there a part of you that cannot help being wicked, slick, but always, ultimately, charming? Do you sometimes crave a bad ending in a story? Do you ever pretend like you are loyal and trustworthy when really you want all the power of the relationships you have to yourself? Are you ever deceitful, like Jafar when he pretends to be the good Sultan’s most trusted second-hand, but really manipulates him and wants all the power? You and Jafar can both be power-hungry and always know how to take advantage of situations!


Lady Tremaine


6Via Disney Princess Wiki


Do you ever feel like you have a lot on your plate— like taking care of two oblivious girls, a household and trying to get into a royal kingdom? Do you often get jealous, or cold-hearted when things don’t go your way? Do you tend to hate when others have better things than you whether it be beauty, money, or clothes? Do you wish you could just have full control of everything? Lady Tremaine is jealous of Cinderella’s beauty and kindness because her own daughters don’t exhibit her qualities and she tries to exert control anywhere she can by locking Cinderella up or giving her chores— so if you answered yes to any of the questions, she is your inner villain!




7Via Daily Express


Unlike many of the Disney villains, Ursula has, although dark, a large sense of humor. She is persuasive, driven, and is actually very caring towards her eels who she refers to as “babies” and mourns their death when Ariel accidentally has her kill them. This makes her one of the more caring villains. If you find that your dark side actually comes alive when something you care about gets hurt or ruined, your villain is Ursula! You both love to get your way, you’re good at lies and deceit and you know how to strike up a good bargain without ever fulfilling your part in return!


Cruella de Vil


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If you have a love for the colors white, black and red, a passion for fashion and enjoy being the center of attention because of your looks, your inner villain is Cruella de Vil! You both obsess over glamour, prestige and popularity. Cruella and you are known to be a bit reckless and impulsive, like when Cruella dangerously tore through the snow in her car. You both love beautiful furs and are known to be beautiful... what’s so wrong with that, right?

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